Panzura sets up white glove migration service to its cloud

Cloud-based file collaborator Panzura has launched Managed Migrations — a service to move customers’ on-premises and hybrid NAS and object data to its cloud.

Managed Migrations includes dedicated engineering experts, start-to-finish implementation, and technical resources to move data, applications, and workloads to the cloud so customers can use its CloudFS global file system and Data Services — its SaaS data management offering. Panzura claims that a a lossless migration of data, applications, and workloads, and even mega-projects can be completed in weeks, or even days, instead of months.

James Seay, chief services officer at Panzura, offered a statement: “Panzura Managed Migrations expands our ability to help customers become future-ready as they tune up their IT infrastructure for the cloud revolution.”

The company says each customer gets a dedicated project manager, migration architect, and migration engineer. Migration starts with a roadmap including architecture, prototyping, and operational recommendations concerning the data sources, the destination, and network connectivity. Panzura then handles everything from hands-on execution, performance analysis, and real-time optimisation. Specialised automation capabilities help migrate data and workloads with speed and precision. 

Panzura provides ongoing support for customers until their data and applications are fully migrated and workloads are in production. It provides staff training assistance so customers can run their own environment, or the Panzura Global Services team can run the environment on behalf of customers.

The company says Managed Migrations provides support for any hybrid multi-cloud migration through Panzura partnerships with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud Object Store (iCOS), Wasabi, and Cloudian. The Managed Migrations service has high-speed file transfer capabilities, regional and cross-region offerings, with built-in data security and contingent compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory mandates.

Panzura claims its experts also provide recommendations to reduce a customer’s overall data footprint and incumbent cloud storage costs. The Panzura global file system consolidates unstructured data from all locations, after deduplicating and compressing, typically resulting in cost savings of up to 70 per cent.

This dedicated migrate-to-Panzura service will compete with generalised data migrators such as Datadobi and DIY tools like Windows Robocopy and the Linux/Unix Rsync facility. There is also Atempo’s Miria product which can migrate data and other dedicated destination migration services, such as Kioxia’s online data migration to its KumoScale flash box.

In effect Panzura is offering a white glove migration service to its own cloud and will even operate its cloud for customers. This may encourage Panzura competitors Egnyte and Nasuni to do likewise.