Veritas talks up AI-driven data protection capabilities

Veritas has revealed that its NetBackup and Alta Data Protection products include defence against threats from compromised user credentials. An Alta Copilot can also be conversationally guided to identify cyber vulnerabilities and operational inefficiencies, proactively assist with troubleshooting, and guide users through complex data management tasks.

The company’s Alta Cloud is a secure data management platform composed of multiple Veritas products, such as NetBackup, Enterprise Vault, and the cloud-native Alta Data Protection. It has an extensible architecture, called Veritas 360 Defense, with three focus areas: data protection, data governance, and data security. A number of partners work with Veritas in a 360 Defense ecosystem, such as CrowdStrike, CyberArk, Microsoft, Qualys, Semperis, and Symantec (Broadcom), and all offerings are certified and validated in the Veritas REDLab facility.

Richard Wainwright, Veritas
Richard Wainwright

Veritas UK&I Field CTO Richard Wainwright said: “Ransomware attacks are changing and using more AI-driven methods to attack the humans operating the systems, to corrupt backup data using the stolen credentials of administrators.”

He claims: “By using AI to fight against AI, this new solution is the industry’s first self-learning behavior monitoring solution that makes it possible for businesses to detect and respond to threats faster and, in turn, boost their cyber resiliency.”

NetBackup and Alta Data Protection will, as well as detecting anomalies in admin user behaviors, automatically flag unusual admin behavior and autonomously adjust security parameters, such as multi-factor authentication and multi-person authentication, to lock down access to data and protect it against attacks.

The Alta AI Copilot part of Veritas’s announcement gives general-purpose admin staff better facilities to use the Veritas data management environment. It is a large language model (LLM) that has been trained with Veritas’s best practices and product documentation. By using this, IT generalist admins can, Veritas says, attain the skill levels of highly specialized Veritas experts. The customer can thus obtain optimal performance from their Veritas infrastructure.

There are five new 360 Defense partners, including Securonix, to help provide increased threat monitoring, protection, and recoverability. Veritas says Securonix is a leader in next-generation security information and event management, user and entity behavior analytics, and security orchestration automation and response.

Mark Stevens, global VP of channels and alliances at Securonix, said: “With Securonix joining the Veritas 360 Defense ecosystem, Veritas customers will be able to easily access an early warning from our AI-powered detection solution that stolen credentials are being used across a wide range of other applications. This will enable them – or their Veritas AI tools – to trigger enhanced security measures for their protection environments before they’re compromised.” 

The other four new partners have not been named. As Cohesity is buying the bulk of Veritas’s data protection and management products, it will inherit the self-defending NetBackup and Alta products, the 360 Defense ecosystem, and AI Copilot.