Google Cloud rolls out Memcached database caching

Google has announced databases can run faster in its cloud via the Memcached protocol. Memorystore for Memcached beta launch is available in major Google regions across the US, Asia and Europe and rolls out globally in coming weeks. Google already supports...

Kioxia and LITE-ON delay SSD business transfer

LITE-ON has deferred the transfer of its SSD business to Kioxia due to the pandemic, but still expects it to go ahead.

Rival post-PCIe bus standards groups sign peace treaty

Two rival groups developing CPU-peripheral bus standards have agreed to work together. The CXL and Gen-Z groups announced yesterday...

Why Salesforce needs third party apps for safe backup and restore

The unwritten rule for Salesforce users is: 'Backup your own data'. Without a dedicated backup app, customers could risk...

Amazon makes AWS EFS file read ops 5x faster

Amazon Web Services has upped the read operations per second for default Elastic File Systems users from 7,000 to 35,000 - at...

Pavilion Data unfurls NVMe-oF array roadmap

Pavilion Data is developing a NVMe-oF flash array that is double the speed and capacity of its current line-up. The storage vendor also plans to release several software enhancements this year.

Your occasional enterprise storage digest, featuring Commvault, Nutanix, HYCU, MariaDB and more

Companies in this week's enterprise storage news roundup, cover encryption, replication, tiering, object support, snapshots, the public cloud and more. Let's start alphabetically. Commvault upgrades for cloud and simpler...

Zerto lays off staff to survive ‘storm’

Zerto, the disaster recovery startup, laid off a "ton of employees" today, according to a source. We asked Zerto about this, using this exact phrase. In response Zerto sent...

Starboard Value sinks claws into Commvault

Starboard Value, the prominent activist investor, has accumulated a 9.3 per cent stake in Commvault, the veteran data management vendor. Starboard has not yet revealed what it wants...

Three-bit memristor device can store more data

Scientists have discovered a ternary (3-bit) memristor which they say is close to mimicking how the human brain works and which could...

Komprise KEDM migrates file data ‘6 times faster than the status quo – and at half the cost’

Komprise today released a file migration utility incorporating parallelisation, which runs 27 times faster than Linux Rsync, according to its internal benchmarks.

Your occasional enterprise storage roundup, featuring Backblaze, Quantum, Storj, the QUIC protocol and more

Data growth provides the fuel for our main items in this week's data storage news digest. Let's get cracking.

NetApp tops customer survey for block and file storage

NetApp is ranked the top supplier for block and file storage by end users in a survey of European and US companies.