Dremio data lakes can run on VAST Data storage

VAST Data has a partnership with Dremio enabling its lakehouse software to run on-premises, accessing data from VAST’s Universal Storage all-flash file and object array. Dremio’s software runs in-memory and creates and uses stored source data in a so-called data lake without extract, transform and...

Micron revenues drop, with worse to come

Micron revenue dropped 19.7 percent year-on-year in its its fourth fiscal 2022 quarter, with the expectation of a 44.7 percent drop...

Unravel Data raises $50m for data pipeline tech

Startup Unravel Data has raised $50 million in D-round funding to develop its data pipeline technology. What is a data pipeline and...

Fungible shifts focus to SAN performance, power

DPU startup Fungible has rowed back from its data center composability ambitions, cancelling products to concentrate on its storage cluster technology using...

Storage news ticker – September 28

Cloud storage provider Backblaze has launched a company Shareholder Perks Program on the Stockperks app. Stockperks provides shareholder rewards, with more than...

VAST Data heading to the public cloud

Hybrid multi-cloud IT environments are becoming popular with suppliers building storage environments that span both on-premises and public cloud worlds.

Fantom SSD makes faster use of Micron NAND than Micron

Fantom has built a VENOM8 gaming and laptop SSD that makes faster use of Micron 3D NAND than Micron's own SSD.

Quantum enters reseller deal for Atempo backup

Quantum is to resell Atempo’s Tina backup software combined with its backup appliances and other hardware in product bundles.

Wasabi raises $250m to grow cloud storage biz

Privately owned cloud object storage player Wasabi has raked in $250 million to carry on building its business following a fifth round...

Storage upstart Storadera talks about its single sheet price list

Profile: Amazon S3 and other S3 cloud storage services have a new competitor: Estonia-based Storadera has come to market armed with a one-line price sheet for its single tier, business user offering.

Nodeum scaling up for exabyte environments

Profile: Belgian hierarchical storage manager Nodeum is developing exabyte-scale gen 2 software as it seeks to bolster its channel. Nodeum software runs on Linux and provides a storage virtualizing...

Storage news ticker – September 26

Cloudflare’s R2 Storage, a distributed object storage product, is now available to all developers, providing scalable storage with no egress fees. It provides automated migration of data from S3-compatible services to its object store,...

Private equity as careful steward: Is it possible?

Comment: There is a stream of thought that says private equity ownership is the second best alternative to an IPO, with a private equity takeout being the fate of failed-IPO startups.

Spectra Logic partners with iRODS Consortium

Data preservers need a data store and Spectra Logic plans to provide it, with movement from on-premises tape to disk and cloud object stores a benefit. It has collaborated...

MinIO surpasses 1 billion downloads

MinIO has celebrated more than 1 billion downloads of its software, making it the world’s most widely used object storage.

Dell talks up the green datacenter

Dell has written a post on sustainability that swerves away from direct energy consumption numbers and says a comprehensive strategy is needed...

Pure Storage defends sustainability credentials

Pure Storage says its arrays are more efficient than legacy or upstart all-flash arrays so it has better sustainability credentials.