Iron Mountain on getting rid of storage junk

Given that customers need to dispose of old disk, tape and solid state drives, what problems might they face? We were briefed by Chris Greene, VP and...

Data management is still human labor for most Register readers

A Blocks & Files report, based on Register and B&F reader responses to an online questionnaire, shows that automated data management is a long way off.

Opinion: Online disk archives are just wrong

A question: what’s the difference between nearline disk storage and an active archive system only using disk drives? The answer is none. The Cambridge...

Having an efficiency standard like SNIA’s is good. But what about public cloud?

Comment: The Emerald energy initiative from the SNIA holds great promise to better measure storage efficiency and lower carbon emissions, but it's missing a public cloud storage...

Back up a minute: Backblaze on SMR, storage tiers, and Web3

Blocks and Files talked to Gleb Budman, co-founder and CEO of cloud storage supplier Backblaze, well known for providing helpful reports detailing reliability statistics on the drives...

Quantum developing AI-based media tagging

Quantum is developing AI software that can inspect unstructured data stored in its StorNext file system and ActiveScale object storage to identify content in videos, images and...

Web3 storage needs to ditch cryptocurrency

Analysis: Decentralized storage – the Web3 concept – will fail unless it deals with seven issues that are stopping its growth. Web3 storage or...

OVH, IBM promoting Cold Archive in France

French public cloud supplier OVH is setting up an Amazon Glacier-type service in France, working with IBM tape systems. OVH is promoting a December...

Scality adds dynamic data tiering to RING

Scality has added NVMe flash and tiering support to its RING object storage product and extended its integrations at API level with Veeam backup, VMware Cloud Director,...
LTO tape

EIDF: Where tape storage meets artificial intelligence

The Edinburgh International Data Facility (EIDF) has combined Spectra Logic tape storage with Cerebras wafer-scale AI so that archived datasets can be mined for insights.

Panasas ups Atempo with Miria, a data-mover suite for HPC and AI

Panasas is known for shipping PanFS ActiveStor storage systems for high-performance computing shops. Now it’s branching out by partnering with Atempo and its Miria data-moving product.

IBM builds Diamondback tape library for enterprise and cloud hyperscalers

Big Blue is active afresh in the archive-storing tape library business, with its Diamondback product for web-scale enterprises and hyperscalers, claimed to be the industry's densest library.

Quantum enters reseller deal for Atempo backup

Quantum is to resell Atempo’s Tina backup software combined with its backup appliances and other hardware in product bundles. Atempo’s Tina (Time Navigator) provides...
Spectra Logic T-finity

Spectra Logic partners with iRODS Consortium

Data preservers need a data store and Spectra Logic plans to provide it, with movement from on-premises tape to disk and cloud object stores a benefit.
LTO tape

PoINT object archive combines disk and tape

Germany's PoINT Software and Systems has devised a combined disk plus tape archive product with disk random access speed and tape capacity. Its Point...

Storage news ticker – September 16

The AI Summit showed that architectural / resource disaggregation is an increasing focus in the AI industry – both at the chip and system level, says Wells Fargo...
LTO tape

LTO tape to keep rolling for 5 more generations

The overlords behind the LTO Program have laid out the future of the tape technology, with plans to take the format to at least 1.4PB of compressed...

XenData kit takes tape copies of cloud archives

Archiving system supplier XenData has launched an appliance which makes a local tape copy of a public cloud archive to save on geo-replication and egress fees.