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Storage news ticker – 2 June 2023

CloudCasa says it’s one of the available Kubernetes applications in the new Microsoft Transactable Container (aka Kubernetes Apps) in the Azure Marketplace. CloudCasa already provides native integration with Azure Kubernetes Service...

Scality reckons there’s life in HDDs yet

Just five more years and spinning will be over. That was the opinion of Pure Storage several weeks ago when it said it believed SSDs would...
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Storage relative bright spot in dismal Q1 for Dell

It was a tough Q1 of fiscal 2024 for Dell as revenues fell by a fifth on the back of shrinking PC and infrastructure sales.

Pure Storage revenues show a ‘clear leader’ in denial

Pure Storage revenues declined in its first quarter of fiscal 2024 as enterprise and cloud customers slowed buying activity due to the uncertain economic situation.

Storj positions itself as Uber of storage world

Storj is a decentralized - but not Web3 - storage company with the sales pitch being that it can provide fast and reliable enterprise-class public cloud storage...

Storage news ticker – May 26

Data protector ArcServe paid DCIG to review its UDP 9.0 backup product. The resulting study found that ArcServe UDP 9.0 offers organizations a clear edge in protecting...
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Dell unveils Databricks deal, plus storage hits Apex cloud

Analysis: A deeper look into Dell’s APEX announcements in Vegas this week reveals a deal with Databricks for Dell storage to feed its lakehouse, the use of...

Dell gets edgy with chatbots, Zero Trust, backup

On the second day of Dell Technologies World, the Texan tech titan has announced projects looking at chatbots, Zero Trust security, edge kit and more.

Spectra Logic and Arcitecta take on NAS market

SpectraLogic and Arcitecta are partnering to enter the high-performance scale-out NAS market with the former's all-flash BlackPearl storage system and the latter's MediaFlux software.

Scality plugs security, scalability and Veeam v12 support into ARTESCA

Scality has released second generation ARTESCA object storage software with a 250 percent capacity increase, hardened security and Veeam v12 integration. ARETESCA is Scality’s...