Lustre and S3 join Atempo’s Miria data moving party

Atempo has added support for Lustre and S3 in a major update for Miria, its enterprise data backup, archive and migration suite.

Update. Datadobi does work with Lustre. Comment added 16 Dec 2020.

Using parallel data movers, Miria 2020 can migrate petabytes to exabytes of unstructured data between NAS systems and on to disk file or object stores, tape and the public cloud.

Ferhat Kaddour, VP of Alliances, told a press briefing earlier this month: “The smallest migration we did this year was 80TB of 1KB files. The largest migration was 13PB for a Fortune 500 customer.”

Atempo data movement scope.

The updated Miria features:

  • FastScan for Lustre catches and consolidates incremental file system events during a migration without doing repeated full file tree scans, so saving time and resources. The same facility is used for GPFS, NetApp ONTAP and Isilon OneFS. It said competitor Datadobi does not support Lustre. [See comment below.]
  • S3-based Public cloud and object storage being used as a migration, backup or archive  source as well as a destination.
  • A new user Miria for Archiving interface.
  • Support for Arm-powered systems.

A Datadobi spokesperson said: “DobiMigrate is capable of migrating data from or to any POSIX compliant filesystem, including Lustre. This can be done either via the NFS v3 or v4 protocol or by accessing the mounted filesystem directly using the Linux filesystem APIs.”

Atempo supports the AWS public cloud today and will add support for Azure, GCP and Swift in Q1 2021. It also will add Miria support for the Nutanix AHV hypervisor in 2021 plus Huawei Fusion Compute and KVM. The company is watching the containerisation space but to date none of its customers require container support, it says.

2021 roadmap

Three new Miria products will be delivered in 2021: Miria for Analytics; Miria for Backup Admin; and Miria for Archiving Admin. Other ambitions include a disaster recovery product and a hierarchical storage management (HSM) product for tiering between primary and secondary storage with transparent user access to moved data. This will not use stubbing technology.

LINA, the Live Navigator workstation backup product, will add support for cloud service providers, adding backup-as-a-service with multi-tenancy next year. Atempo also aims to support for Cloud SAaS applications such as Salesforce.

About Atempo

Founded in France in 1992, it has raised $36m in venture funding, with the last round completed in 2007. The company says it has about 200 staff and more than 2,000 customers with maintenance contracts. DDN, Nutanix, Huawei and Qumulo use Miria software. We assume it is profitable.