Seagate Lyve Cloud embraces Hammerspace

Seagate has integrated Hammerspace’s Global Data Environment (GDE) with its Lyve Cloud storage-as-a-service and Exos Corvault JBOD, as was foreshadowed in May. 

Lyve Cloud is an S3-compatible object storage service. The GDE provides globally distributed access to block, file, and object data across a customer’s edge sites, on-premises data centers, and the public clouds. Exos Corvault is a 2.12PB (raw) SAS JBOD (just a bunch of disks) taking up four rack units.

Hammerspace distribution partner Climb Channel Solutions – the rebranded Lifeboat Distribution – has put out a blog saying: “One of the major challenges across all industries is the growth of unstructured data and how to store it. Data sprawl causes enterprises to struggle with tracing where their data goes, how it is stored, and who can access it within the cloud.”

“In addition, data gravity creates stagnant and stuck data. Finally, the costs to maintain and store that data within physical infrastructure prevents efficient data mobility when managing it across multiple data centers or the cloud.”

Seagate hasn’t said anything about this added Lyve Cloud availability because, we understand, it has been in a quiet period around its results.

Climb’s blog suggests that Hammerspace’s GDE software can locate and position data or access using Corvault and the Lyve Cloud, as a Seagate-Hammerspace graphic shows:

Seagate Hammerspace graphic

We expect Corvault to power past its 2.12PB capacity limit as Seagate introduces higher-capacity disk drives than its current 20TB Exos range-topper. A 22TB drive would up the capacity limit to 2.33PB raw.

The Climb blog states: “One of the most compelling parts of the solution is its ability to handle burst computing for workloads that require thousands of compute cores. Hammerspace’s data orchestration power allows organizations to leverage compute resources, access compute power within the cloud, and compute in the lowest cost region.” In other words, Hammmerspace’s GDE can move the data to the compute cores.

The blog also says: “With Hammerspace, data-placement policies between multiple on-premises storage types and Lyve Cloud is completely transparent as a background operation. Users simply see their data in their applications or at the same mount point as always…no matter if the files are still on primary storage, or have moved to secondary storage or the cloud.”

A customer can “move data where you want and make it fully transparent to users or applications.”

Hammerspace’s partnering activity is ramping up, with AMPD Ventures becoming a reseller, Climb Channel Solutions a distributor, Titan Data solutions another distributor, and Seagate a technology integration partner. Climb distributes products from more than 300 suppliers, making Hammerspace just another brick in its wall, so to speak, but Hammerspace is present on Climb’s list and being actively marketed. We expect more such announcements to follow.