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Catching up with Hitachi Vantara after strategic overhaul

Five months ago Hitachi Vantara was reorganized with a spun-off services unit, new direction, and new CEO. What has happened since then? Hitachi Vantara was the US-based storage and IT...
Olympus Mons image courtesy of ESA/DLR/FUBerlin/AndreaLuck

Professor Onur Mutlu and team win Huawei OlympusMons award for storage research

Computer science Professor Onur Mutlu has won a Huawei OlympusMons award for far-reaching research on data placement tech and NAND chips. The OlympusMons awards started in 2019 to recognize and...

Storage news ticker – February 9

Acronis released its “Acronis Cyberthreats Report, H2 2023: Alarming rise in cyberattacks, SMBs and MSPs in the crosshairs,” which says that AI-enhanced phishing affected more than 90 percent of...

NetApp, SpectraLogic link up for on-prem archival storage

SpectraLogic is providing validated on-premises object archival storage on tape for NetApp StorageGRID systems as an affordable alternative to S3-based public cloud long-term retention. StorageGRID is NetApp’s S3-based object storage...

Data steward Rimage pivoting from optical disk publishing to data lifecycle management

Established optical disc-based archiver Rimage is pivoting to data management with an AI-powered digital asset metadata extraction and search product announced, and advanced optical storage in its roadmap. Rimage describes...

Storage news ticker – February 4

Data protector Acronis has become a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), an ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISV) and managed security service providers (MSSP). MISA members have...

Storage news ticker – January 29, 2024

Data protector Acronis announced the integration of its Advanced Security and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions. Its users gain access to mission-critical EDR capabilities at no additional cost....

Western Digital roller coaster continues as Seagate brings down the HAMR

The disk/SSD downcycle low point has been reached for Western Digital with its second successive sequential revenue growth quarter. Revenues in the second quarter of its fiscal 2024, ended December...

GPU-fueled Nyriad is up for sale

Nyriad, the company offering GPU-powered storage controller technology, is up for sale.  A memo from CEO Derek Dicker reads: “After thoroughly considering and exploring various options, the Nyriad board has...

Seagate spins up a revenue recovery

Spinning-disk slinger Seagate this week signaled its revenue recovery has begun with a sequential revenue upturn in its second fiscal 2024 quarter. It reported revenues of $1.56 billion, down...
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Storage news ticker – January 24

Apple's Vision Pro virtual reality headset can be fitted with up to a terabyte of flash storage to store the content its wearers will no doubt want to engage...

30TB HAMR disk drives get less shingled capacity increase than you’d think

Shingled HAMR disk drives get a lower capacity increase than existing conventional drives. Is this due to HAMR technology itself or higher capacity drive tracks being narrower with less...