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Hyve: busy hyperscaler bees buy hardware, not software

Hyve Solutions sells storage hardware to its hyperscaler customers, but not software — because they don’t want it. What, then, do hyperscalers want? Hyve...

Fewer disk units shipped in Q4 ’21 as nearline rises

There were fewer disk drives shipped in 2021’s last quarter than a year ago, but the nearline segment saw a 38 per cent unit ship rise.

Storage news ticker – January 13

… Data protector Catalogic Software announced general availability for its latest DPX software, with enhancements to agentless backups for virtual environments, cloud archiving, and...

Storage news ticker – January 10

Kelly Hopping. … According to the UK Guardian, EU police agency Europol will have to delete at least 4PB of...

Abbamatic trio sings MAMR mia – here we go again

A three-way collaboration between Showa Denko, TDK and Toshiba has resulted in a demonstration of MAMR recording technology showing that 30+ terabyte disk drives are possible.

Strategic move: NetApp’s top legal eagle becomes Chief Strategy Officer

In a seemingly unusual move, NetApp has appointed Matt Fawcett, its now ex-General Counsel, as Chief Strategy Officer. Matt Fawcett

Storage news ticker – December 22

… iXsystems has introduced TrueCharts, a first app catalog for TrueNAS SCALE, its scale-out storage and hyperconverged infrastructure offering. It includes Kubernetes for deploying...

Storage news ticker December –14

… Ascend.io says Snowflake users can put workloads on autopilot with Ascend’s Data Automation Cloud. This automates data ingestion, transformation, delivery, orchestration, and observability...

Predictions for 2022

’Tis the season for predictions — usually vendor predictions — and they always seem to predict, astoundingly, that demand for the vendor’s products will rise because the...

Learning from history: QNAP’s ULINK AI tool predicts SATA drive failures

Taipei-based QNAP has a machine learning-based SATA disk and SSD drive failure predictor for its NAS systems that means you can replace the drives before they fail.