Storage news ticker – June 6

Arcserve announced the expansion of its OneXafe family of immutable data storage products with the OneXafe 4500 Series. Its capacity can be up to 216TB. It needs near-zero deployment effort and integrates with existing OneXafe 4400 Series clusters. The 4500 has built-in ransomware protection (logical air-gap), and a scale-out clustered design with a single global file system. OneXafe offers global inline deduplication and data compression. 

Baffle announced the availability of its Data Protection Service Transform for Apache Kafka for on-the-fly data protection. Developers, data engineers, and operators can benefit from automated data de-identification and protection as information is ingested into the cloud and used by applications. Baffle automatically transforms data on the fly as it moves into the pipeline with a plug-in that utilizes the Single Message Transform (SMT) capability, de-identifies sensitive data, and controls who can access and use that data in the business. The Baffle DPS Transform has been verified by Confluent. Baffle, Kafka, and Confluent customers now have simplified integration of security controls into an Apache Kafka stream with the Baffle DPS Transform. 

Dell has upgraded its Azure Stack HCI system with extra security, Azure Arc management, Nvidia A30 GPU and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) service support. Azure Stack is Microsoft’s Azure public cloud Hyper-V and HCI stack software running in Microsoft partners’ hardware, and Dell is one such partner, with its servers and storage. Arc can now serve as the centralized control plane for distributed on-premises Azure Stack HCI deployments.

The security additions include:

  • Dell HCI Configuration Profile Policies for Azure Arc and Windows Admin Center (WAC) that prevent malicious threats and inadvertent changes to operating system, BIOS, and network settings; 
  • Dell Infrastructure Lock that protects system and configuration changes from unauthorized users;
  • Microsoft’s Secured Core server to add  infrastructure hardware security.

Composable systems supplier GigaIO announced the rack-scale GigaIO Composability Appliance: University Edition, powered by AMD, purpose built for the higher education market. It can be used in a classroom or laboratory setting without requiring dedicated IT expertise. The appliance, delivered with Nvidia Bright Cluster Manager pre-installed, is a complete, future-proofed composable infrastructure system that provides cloud-like agility to on-premises infrastructure, allowing cloud bursting. It can connect AMD accelerators, AMD-powered servers, and other devices in a seamless dynamic fabric. The University Edition units are container-ready and easily composed via bare metal, Future iterations of the appliance will bring composability to Manufacturing and Life Science users over the coming year. 

MariaDB announced a collaboration with MindsDB to make machine learning predictions accessible with MariaDB SkySQL. This should simplify analyzing and predicting future trends, and put ML capabilities into the hands of MariaDB users. By using MindsDB in SkySQL data science and data engineering teams can increase their organization’s predictive capabilities. MindsDB’s open source framework allows ML models to be identified and developed quickly using AutoML and then deployed at speed and scale with AI Tables in MariaDB. MindsDB enables database users to get predictions as database tables, using simple queries to unlock the value in the data they already have. 

Software-defined storage supplier OSNexus announced its QuantaStor platform now integrates with Resilio and its peer-to-peer N-way sync platform. QuantaStor users can synchronize NAS storage across clusters globally in real time. The combination enables myriad of collaboration workflows, especially in industries like media & entertainment, where sharing large files and remote work is common. The Resilio agent has been containerised to run within each QuantaStor system.

The v2 release of Redgate Software‘s SQL Data Catalog provides a simple, policy-driven approach to data protection. It automatically scans columns within databases and uses intelligent rules to make recommendations about how they should be classified. It auto-generates static data masking sets from the classification metadata that can be used to protect the databases. SQL Data Catalog v2 marks a step change in this process by significantly reducing the time it takes to go from identification and classification to protection, and making maintenance far simpler. When connected to a SQL Server instance, it automatically examines both the schema and data of each database to determine where personal or sensitive data is stored.

MSP-focussed cloud backup supplier Redstor has added customizable user access management to its software, designed to simplify the implementation of a zero-trust policy. MSPs can create and manage user identities within a single interface, customize and control who has access to data and systems, stop the spread of compromised login credentials, have single sign-on, multi-layer security and tighter IAM control, update security policies instantly to comply with regulations, change access privileges across an entire environment in one action, and ensure secure collaboration for greater productivity by setting up third-party permissions without jeopardizing network security.

Rubrik has a new CISO advisory board chairperson: Chris Krebs, who is the former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) within the US Department of Homeland Security. He should open a few enterprise and federal doors for Rubrik’s data protection/security reps.

Data integrator and manager Semarchy announced an update to its unified data platform: a connector for the xDI component with Snowflake-specific capabilities. It automates Snowflake’s optimizations, capabilities, and specificities. The connector means Semarchy’s ELT architecture can leverage the processing capabilities of the Snowflake engine to run all data flows, and add features such as the data flows universal mapping graphical design and automated replication capabilities.

StorCentric announced GA of Nexsan EZ-NAS network attached storage with a 1U form factor and four drives with up to 72TB of raw capacity and 1.5GB/sec of throughput. This EZ-NAS array is ideal for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises’ edge deployments. The product has in-line compression, Active Directory support and data-at-rest encryption. EZ-NAS comes with the Retrospect software for optional add-on services, including data backup, cloud connector and ransomware anomaly detection.

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH announced the highspin P300 3.5-inch Desktop PC Hard Drive with 2TB storage capacity. Tosh says it is “designed for desktop, PC computing, gaming and storage applications, where performance, capacity and reliability are all critical, these drives support 7200rpm operation and each feature a 6Gbit/sec SATA interface.” This almost seems like a joke when Tosh is delivering 18TB nearline drives spinning at 7200rpm. Considering the needs of gaming apps, that speed is not fast. It’s slow, especially considering that these are SMR (shingled magnetic recording) drives with slow data rewrite speeds. Also, if capacity really is critical then 2TB is somewhat small.

Tosh says the drive has a 256MB buffer, which mitigates the SMR slowdown, and a sustained transfer rate up to 210 MiB/sec – a 19 percent increase over its conventional P300 Desktop PC Hard Drive. We’ve asked Toshiba twice about the slow overall speed and low capacity and received no reply.

Cloud storage supplier Wasabi has opened a new storage region located in Singapore. This is Wasabi’s 13th storage region globally and its 4th in APAC, following Tokyo, Osaka, and most recently Sydney. It has appointed former SAS Institute Japan executive Michael King to serve as VP and GM, APAC. Wasabi serves customers in over 100 countries, storing data ranging from backups, disaster and ransomware recovery, archiving, video surveillance, sports data, media and entertainment files, and more.