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IBM swallows Red Hat storage products

IBM is deepening its assimilation of Red Hat by adopting two of its open source storage products and moving some Red Hat staff to IBM.

NetApp, VMware build on NVMe-oF, multi-cloud support, and more

NetApp and VMware on Monday outlined how they've been working together to improve the performance and availability of their customers' virtualized and containerized workloads.

Ondat cuts headcount amid market pressures

Kubernetes storage startup Ondat has gone through a layoff exercise as market conditions make business life much harder. Update: Chief Commercial Officer comment about...

Nvidia thoughts on composability – tail latency limits CXL

The world of composable systems is divided between PCIe/CXL-supporting suppliers, such as Liqid, and networking suppliers such as Fungible. And then there is Nvidia, which has depended...
Storage news ticker

Storage news ticker – July 7

GRAID has incrementally improved its NVMe RAID Card’s software, adding data corruption and correction checks. v1.2.2 of its SupremeRAID storage product enhances its RAID 6 erasure coding...

The emergence of Cloud 3.0 and independent vendor exclusion

Dominant private/public cloud abstraction layers could exclude independent vendors from suppliers' customer bases. Dell and HPE are erecting public cloud-like abstraction layers over their...

HPE GreenLake spreads its storage wings

HPE has expanded its public cloud-like GreenLake subscription offering under a Private Cloud Enterprise banner with eight new services: backup and recovery, block storage, compute operations management,...

VMware offers vSphere and vSAN as a service

VMware is to offer vSphere and vSAN as on-premises subscription services. Project Arctic was announced in 2021 as an initiative to offer vSphere as...

Dell builds its own partner-based data lakehouse

Dell has devised a reference architecture-type design for a combined data lake/data warehouse using third-party partner software and its own server, storage, and networking hardware and software.

iXsystems adds enterprise features to scale-out NAS

iXsystems' TrueNAS, the popular storage software, is getting high availability and SMB clustering for the enterprise. TrueNAS says it has more than 1 million...