Dremio data lakes can run on VAST Data storage

VAST Data has a partnership with Dremio enabling its lakehouse software to run on-premises, accessing data from VAST’s Universal Storage all-flash file and object array.

Fungible shifts focus to SAN performance, power

DPU startup Fungible has rowed back from its data center composability ambitions, cancelling products to concentrate on its storage cluster technology using all-flash arrays controlled by its...

Storage news ticker – September 28

Cloud storage provider Backblaze has launched a company Shareholder Perks Program on the Stockperks app. Stockperks provides shareholder rewards, with more than 20 public companies using the...
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Storage news ticker – September 21

Data catalog and data intelligence supplier Alation has announced a partnership with data integrator Fivetran that is intended to enable joint customers to find and understand the...
3D rendering of AI brain

Nvidia unveils DGX BasePOD and partners

Nvidia has revealed the DGX BasePOD, a variant on its DGX POD, with six storage partners so that AI-using customers can start small and grow large.

Storage news ticker – September 16

The AI Summit showed that architectural / resource disaggregation is an increasing focus in the AI industry – both at the chip and system level, says Wells Fargo...

Storage news ticker – September 12

Data protector Catalogic is partnering with Kubernetes storage and software supplier Ondat. Catalogic's CloudCasa protects Kubernetes environments with cyber-resilient, scalable backup and disaster recovery services for cloud...

Pensando gets DPU flying with vSphere 8

Data Processing Unit (DPU) chip developer Pensando was bought by AMD in April for $1.9 billion. We talked briefly with Chris Ratcliffe, who was head of marketing...

Pure Storage revenue growth races past rivals in Q2, reports rare profits

Pure Storage's second quarter revenues for its fiscal 2023 grew 30 percent year-on-year - outpacing the competition - and for the second time in its commercial existence...

VMware adds single NVMe flash tier to vSAN

The arrival of NVMe SSDs with their much faster IO has given VMware the opportunity to revisit vSAN’s storage architecture and improve its performance.