Pavilion Data: Our unified storage array is the fastest in the universe

Pavilion Data, the high-end array vendor, has released a speedy parallel file system that brings it into direct competition with major HPC storage players for the first...

Kioxia integrates KumoScale with Kubernetes

Kioxia, the memory chip maker, has integrated its KumoScale flash storage array into the Kubernetes world. KumoScale is Kioxia’s software to operate a box...

Western Digital SSDs get into the zone

Western Digital has announced its first zoned SSD, the ZN540, and is targeting the device at cloud infrastructure providers. Officially called the Ultrastar DC...

Linbit builds Kubernetes on-ramp for WD OpenFlex

Western Digital’s composable OpenFlex flash storage system now supports Kubernetes storage, courtesy of Linbit's LINSTOR software. OpenFlex is a physical chassis, containing SSDs or...

WekaIO races out of the blocks in GPUDirect storage race

WekaIO has chalked up some benchmarks that show it is faster than VAST Data when delivering data to Nvidia’s DGX-2 GPUs server via GPUDirect. Dual-port cards and...

Coldago: VAST Data joins the ranks of file storage leaders

The 2020 Coldago file storage research map shows VAST Data promoted to the Leaders’ segment, leapfrogging WekaIO, which moves from Specialist to Challenger status.

Western Digital looks to Cloud Titans for growth

Western Digital’s fiscal Q1 ended 30 September show a pandemic-induced decline. But the company is optimistic that hyperscalers will drive growth from next year onwards.

Fungible launches DPU-driven storage server to start data centre revolution

Fungible Inc. has launched an FS1600 storage appliance driven by its DPU microprocessor in the next step in its quest to achieve composable data centre domination.

VAST Data makes AI workloads ‘accessible to NFS users’

VAST Data “democratises HPC performance” and makes AI workloads accessible to NFS users - or so the company claims. Using its LightSpeed technology, the...

DDN hauls NVMe storage chassis to Tintri products

DDN has injected its all-NVMe flash storage chassis into its Tintri product line to start the cost-cutting process of unifying product hardware across its two divisions.