Optane in the membrane: Cloudian’s HyperStore flashes its SSD, Intel memory credentials

Cloudian has added SSD support and Optane-readiness to its HyperStore object storage product, aiming it at performance-intensive workloads such as analytics and ultra-rapid data restore.

Seven attempts to speed processing with faster storage

Storage array enhancements used to be simple; a faster drive led to faster arrays. But memory-like protocols and drives have muddied the water, and hardware-enhanced drive and...

Arm speeds up compute-on-storage with 64-bit Cortex-R

Arm has released the 64-bit, Linux-capable Cortex-R82 processor, designed specifically for compute-on-storage drives. Update; GPU supplier Nvidia buys Arm. 14 September 2020.

Broadcom launches first Gen 7 Fibre Channel switches

Broadcom’s first seventh generation 64Gbit/s Fibre Channel switching gear has hit the streets. Fibre Channel (FC) is a high speed networking technology that...

This week in storage, featuring Liqid, Snowflake Computing, Ceph and a sausage factory and...

This roundup discusses the seemingly outlandish Ceph and a sausage factory, as well as comparability startup Liqid getting a brace of supercomputer contracts and Panasas giving Spectrum...

Cohesity speeds up flash performance, hangs out with more hardware vendors

Cohesity has accelerated its software with 'I/O Boost', a flash technology that, it says, improves backup and access performance by two-to-eight times compared with disk drives.

Pure aims to kill hybrid storage with FlashArray//C

Pure Storage thinks the second generation of the FlashArray//C, launched to tday, is a hybrid flash-disk storage killer. Updated 26 August 2020 with Matt...

This week in storage with Lenovo, NetApp, and more

This week sees Lenovo and NetApp bundles, edge-focused TrueNAS boxes,, and faster-than-ever OpenEBS storage from MayaData. We’ll start with Lenovo and NetApp getting in a bundle.

SK hynix touts its first NVMe consumer SSD: Good spec, good price

SK hynix has entered the consumer NVMe SSD market with a gumstick format Gold P31 drive intended for designers, content creators and PC gamers.

Your occasional storage digest with WekaIO, Scality and more

This week's storage news roundup features Weka going to Mars, Scality going to jail, and host of supporting stories. WekaIO goes to Mars