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Liqid composability tech aims to turn Dell servers into GPU powerhouses

Liqid can turn Dell servers into on-prem AI model training powerhouses by making up to 30 NVIDIA L40S GPUs available to a single Dell R760 server, it says. Liqid supplies...

Storage ticker – 10 May 2024

Ceramic storage developer Cerabyte is now an official partner of CERN OpenLab together with a handful of selected corporations: Intel, Oracle, Siemens, Google, IBM and others. CERN has a...

GigaIO debuts mini supercomputer on wheels for the edge

GigaIO and SourceCode have announced the launch of Gryf, a carry-on suitcase-style supercomputer. This co-designed GPU server features composable GPUs, storage, and additional resources. GigaIO composes CPUs, GPUs, and other...

Storage news ticker – March 15

ETL connector biz Airbyte announces that there are more than 5,000 data connectors, created by users with the Airbyte no-code builder, in active use. Its revenues increased by four...

Storage news ticker – November 24

AvePoint has announced the launch of AvePoint Cloud Backup Express, which, running on Microsoft 365 Backup Storage, enables customers to protect and secure their SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange environments....

Storage news ticker – November 20

Dr. Niraj Tolia, Alcion’s CEO and co-founder, was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award by Carnegie Mellon’s Parallel Data Lab (PDL). The PDL, founded in 1992, looks at new data...

Oxide on-prem cloud computer reinvents the server rack

Startup Oxide has delivered a rack-level system providing cloud-style computing on premises as its first commercial product. Oxide was founded in September 2019 by datacenter heavyweights CTO Bryan Cantrill, CPO...

Storage news ticker – October 25

Data intelligence supplier Alation has signed up three new partners: Monte Carlo, Sigma Computing, and ThoughtSpot, all of which provide connectors to data sources. … Geo-distributed and decentralized storage provider Cubbit...

Public cloud ephemeral storage can’t be persistent – right?

Four block storage suppliers use public cloud ephemeral storage drive instances. So can they be persistent despite being ephemeral? Yes and no. Let's take the three public clouds one by one...
Amir Faintuch, Volumez

InterSystems taps Volumez to provide storage

Block storage provisioning startup Volumez is rapidly expanding its capabilities, adding Azure cloud support to the existing AWS cloud and supplying storage for InterSystems’ IRIS cloud database. Volumez provides a...
Two Macaws

CloudFabrix wants to put the ‘AI’ in AIOps

Startup CloudFabrix has launched its Macaw chatbot, designed to bring generative AI to AIOps and upskill admin staff. The ground is shifting beneath system managers' feet as generative AI opens...

Storage news ticker – May 26

Data protector ArcServe paid DCIG to review its UDP 9.0 backup product. The resulting study found that ArcServe UDP 9.0 offers organizations a clear edge in protecting against ransomware...