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Fungible launches DPU-driven storage server to start data centre revolution

Fungible Inc. has launched an FS1600 storage appliance driven by its DPU microprocessor in the next step in its quest to achieve composable data centre domination.

Intel tech and Lightbits Labs make NVMe/TCP faster

Lightbits Labs is working with Intel to make its NVMe/TCP all-flash arrays almost as fast as RoCe and InfiniBand options, which require much more expensive cabling.

Three in a row. Liqid composes DoD supercomputer contract

Liqid, the composable infrastructure vendor, has won a $20.6m deal with the US Army Corps of Engineers - bagging its third supercomputer contract in a month.

Fungible Inc. scoops up Cloudistics assets

Fungible, the data processing unit (DPU) unit chip startup, has bought the assets of a data centre composability business called Cloudistics for an undisclosed sum.

Fungible Inc: Our DPU composes much smaller data centre bills

Fungible, a California composable systems startup, claims its technology will save $67 out of every $100 of data centre total cost of ownership on network, compute and...

Liqid diet boosts Dell MX7000 composable system

Dell is adding GPUs, FPGAs and NVMe storage to the MX7000 composable system via a deal with Liqid. This makes the MX7000 systems better suited for data-intensive...

WD F3200 flash device is ‘open, fast, composable’

Western Digital has announced the F3200, the latest iteration of its flash fabric shared storage system for composable systems. Key takeaways? The NVMe-oF device is faster than...

Fungible Inc: Why you need DPUs for data-centric processing

A flurry of add-on processor startups think there is a gap between X86 CPUs and GPUs that DPUs (data processing units) can fill. Advocates...

Liqid and Broadcom deliver PCIe 4.0 CI developer kit

Composable infrastructure firm Liqid has produce a reference design kit with Broadcom for solutions that use PCIe 4.0 fabric for connectivity. Liqid’s composable infrastructure...

Will NVMe become the universal block storage access protocol?

Facebook’s virtual OCP summit earlier this month hosted two provocative presentations that suggested NVMe could become a universal block access protocol. How realistic is this prospect?