Healthy Komprise doubles revenues and partners AWS in health sector

In corporate wellness news, Komprise has doubled its revenue in the first six months of 2021 and is partnering with AWS to sell cloud-tiering data services into the health sector.

The company sells data management lifecycle technology, which can identify ageing, less-accessed files and move them to lower-cost storage tiers, including Amazon’s S3 and S3 Glacier cloud vaults. Komprise has an Elastic Data Migration offering, which provides file data migrations to Amazon’s Elastic File System (EFS) and FSx for Windows File Server, also Azure Files. Users access files from their original locations, and can access their data in AWS, with the option to access it directly versus rehydrating files back to the primary storage.

Komprise says first half 2021 revenues rose 97 per cent year on year and it had 190 per cent new customer growth and 200 per cent average deal size growth. That is healthy.

CEO Kumar Goswami.

CEO Kumar Goswami said in a statement: “Customers are adopting Komprise because we not only find and move the right data to the cloud, but we tier data without users and applications noticing any change and without locking data in the cloud in a proprietary format.”

The company announced it has been awarded a patent that extends the capabilities of its Transparent Move Technology (patented in 2019) to enable asynchronous restoration of files from delayed recall storage such as tape. This patent was a joint application with tape system and secondary storage vendor Spectra Logic.

We think a Komprise and SpectraLogic partnership marketing initiative might hit the streets later this year.

The health sector partnership with AWS builds upon a deal with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Komprise says it helped Pfizer stop 20 years of increasing storage costs and leverage its data tiered to AWS for research, without changing how users and applications access their files. A July 22 AWS webinar will discuss Pfizer’s use of Komprise and AWS cold storage technology.


Komprise was started up in 2014 and has taken in a relatively small $42 million in funding, with the last round taking place in 2019 and raising $24 million. This is small potatoes compared to data protection and management startups like Cohesity ($660M) and Rubrik ($552M+) but on a par with other file lifecycle management startups like StrongBox ($27M).

The three founders are Goswami, President and COO Krishna Subramanian, and CTO Michael Peercy. The threesome set up Kaviza to replace SAN storage in VDI and sold it to Citrix in 2011. Previously they founded Kovair, a software tools company which is alive and prospering.

Komprise has partnerships with HPE, Pure Storage, and works with AWS, Azure and NetApp Cloud Volumes. It clearly has tech that works with other suppliers’ kit.

We think Komprise could possibly IPO, but it’s more likely that it will be acquired for its file scanning, indexing, transparent move and analytics technology. It would be a good fit for for any larger IT supplier looking to move into hybrid cloud data management. Dell is aiming to move into the data management market. Just sayin’.