Komprise opens doors to NetApp CloudVolumes

Komprise, the fiIe lifecycle management startup, is adding Cloud Volumes ONTAP coverage to its NetApp support.

Komprise COO Krishna Subramanian said today in a prepared quote that customers can “gain performance improvement and cost reduction benefits from understanding how data is used and storing it in the appropriate place,”

Announcing the update at NetApp Insight 2019 in Las Vegas Komprise also revealed it is beta testing Data Migration functionality for S3 files. The company currently supports NFS and SMB.

Data Migration S3 will enable Komprise customers to move files to NetApp’s StorageGRID object store, using the S3 protocol. The software will run multiple migrations in parallel and manage them centrally. It throttles the bandwidth used as needed, and retries on network and storage failures. When Komprise has S3 data movement in general availability, it will be able to move files from any S3 source to any S3 target.

Last month this startup announced Deep Analytics, a feature that investigates file estates, such as ONTAP filers residing on-premises. It searches across storage silos and creates a virtual data lake of files to fit the customer’s search criteria. Users can view, find, and tag data, in multiple file silos, and export this data set to any analytics application or destination, such as AWS Lambda

The data set can be operated on as a discrete entity, as all the permissions, access control, security and metadata of the source file components are kept intact as this virtual data lake moves.