Pure resells Komprise for FlashArray file replication and disaster recovery

Pure Storage is to resell Komprise software technology to replicate files from one FlashArray to another, so providing a level of disaster recovery.

Shawn Hansen, FlashArray GM at Pure Storage, said in a statement today: “Together with Komprise, innovating in robust file replication will extend our market leadership in unified enterprise storage.” 

Komprise CEO Kumar Goswami chipped in: “By expanding our strategic partnership with Pure Storage we are now able offer an integrated data replication solution that leverages the performance and efficiency of Pure along with the intelligent data management simplicity and scale of Komprise.”

Komprise’s Intelligent Data Management (IDM) software assesss file-level activity and moves less-accessed files to slower and cheaper storage tiers, including the public cloud. Users retain access from the previous file address. The Pure Storage FlashArray is an all-flash block access array product line. It gained file support in the Purity v6.0 software release in June. At that time it said that near-synchronous replication was coming.

The Komprise IDM suite includes asynchronous replication and this is the basis for the Komprise Asynchronous Replication for FlashArray Files. Capabilities include:

  • Granular Data Replication at whole file share or directory level and at schedulable times
  • Multiple FlashArray replications, managed through a single console 
  • API for automating replication.

The destination Flash Array holds a consistent replicated file data copy that is available if disaster strikes the source FlashArray. Komprise Asynchronous Replication is available now.

FlashArray vs FlashBlade replication

Pure’s unified file and object FlashBlade array has its own asynchronous replication software, which arrived with the PurityFB// v3.0 release in May 2020. It is based on snapshot technology, which is also used by Komprise with its FlashArray file replication. The FlashBlade system is positioned as a higher performance and more scalable file system offering than FlashArray Files.

Krishna Subramanian.

Komprise co-founder and COO Krishna Subramanian told us: “Komprise takes snapshots on the Pure FlashArray File, and replicates incrementally after the first copy so only changes are copied on subsequent iterations. The difference is that this is for FlashArray whereas what Pure currently has is for FlashBlade – they are two different architectures.

“Also, the Komprise replication for FlashArray is fully integrated with the Purity OS and supports managed directories and is optimised for Pure’s architecture to maximise parallelism and performance.”