Komprise Deep Analytics ‘finds the needle in the data haystack in minutes’

Komprise today announced the release of Komprise Deep Analytics as a plugin for Intelligent Data Management 2.11.

Komprise Deep Analytics creates a virtual data lake from various data sources and exports it for analysis, cutting analytics preparation time by a claimed 60 per cent.

Komprise’s starting point is that the source data may be unstructured and spread across many different repositories holding billions of files across millions of directories.

Komprise’s Intelligent Data Management 2.11 examines file usage rates and punts less-used files to lower cost storage. The software builds a distributed index of files with support for standard and extended metadata. This index and metadata identifies sets of files in different file stores across a customer’s IT estate and combines them in a so-called virtual data lake. 

The data retains all the permissions, access control, security and metadata when it is exported from the data lake to Komprise Deep Analytics. This enables the plug-in to handle the data as a discrete entity, as opposed to a disparate collection of data sets.

Komprise cited David-Kenneth Turner, IT manager at Northwestern University, who said the software is “ike finding a needle in a haystack in minutes. “Unstructured data is often made up of billions of files across millions of directories and finding the right data can be virtually impossible. With Komprise Deep Analytics, we can now find the data we need in minutes. For example, if we required all data created by ex-employees, or all files related to a specific project, we are able to operate on it as if it is a distinct entity, even if the data is residing in different storage solutions from multiple vendors and clouds.”

Deep Analytics is deployed in the cloud as a managed service or on-premises. Cloud functionality is available immediately, and the on-premises version is available later this year.