Komprise adds zero cutover downtime to data migration

Data manager Komprise has enabled system availability when a migration source is switched over to the destination, and added bootstrap and consolidation support.

The final stage of migrating data from a source to a destination system is when the last changes made on the source are copied to the destination. This can mean both systems are read-only for a time, seconds to minutes to hours, to make sure they are in sync. There are situations, though, where data-generating sources cannot be switched off. For example, medical imaging equipment, lab instruments, and IoT sensors must be able to always write the data they generate. 

Komprise’s v5.0 Elastic Data Migration now allows users and applications to add, modify, and delete data on the destination shares during this warm cutover period, eliminating downtime while the migration process is completed and the source data access switched off.

Komprise v5.0 Elastic Data Migration software
Partial screen grab from v5.0 Elastic Data Migration software showing warm cutover setup

Co-founder and CEO Kumar Goswami said: “Komprise eliminates the dread of unstructured data migrations with analytics-first intelligent automation and the fastest WAN migration speeds for data center or cloud consolidations.”

v5 also lets users bring in Komprise when they have already moved some data over, using a tool like Rsync, AWS Snowball, or Azure Data Box, for example. Komprise may be used to complete this jump-started migration. Another jump-start situation v5 handles is where customers have a mirrored copy of data, using NetApp SnapMirror for instance. Komprise can now finish the migration using that data, without having to move it all over again. 

A third migration scenario supported by v5 is the consolidation migration, with data from multiple sources being combined in a single destination. This might happen when dealing with consolidating shares and sites during an acquisition, or a data center consolidation project, or to migrate to the public cloud. Komprise’s v5 software fully automates the process of consolidating multiple migrations to the same destination.

The Komprise migration process includes copying all the access control permissions, performing data integrity checks and creating necessary reports.

Komprise Elastic Data Migration 5.0 is available as a standalone offering and is included in the Komprise Intelligent Data Management platform. Find out more about the company’s Elastic Data Migration here.