Say hello to Archive360’s Azure Data Box file loader

Archive360 says its software can be used to load the Azure Data Box and send large sets of data to Microsoft’s cloud.

The ADB ranges from 100TB of disk drive storage in a non-wheeled box up to 1PB of disk drive capacity inside a wheeled box, with 40Gbps connectivity, and Fedex transfer to Azure data centres in the USA.

Azure Data Box

The idea is, like Amazon’s Snowflake, to sidestep network transfer time and expense by loading data onto disks and physically ship them to an Azure site for data upload.

A Data Box Edge product is an on-site ADB which functions as a compute+storage edge device and provides a network share while transmitting your IoT data to Azure – a mini-Azure Stack.

Archive360 transfers files to the Azure cloud for long-term storage.  The ADB can be a target for Archive360’s Archive2Azure offering, with data transferred via NAS protocols, and encrypted using AES-256.

Microsoft is happy that Archive360 is helping streamline large-scale data migrations to its cloud and has added  the company to the Microsoft Azure Data Box Partner Program.

Wannabee Azureans can now box clever and use Archive360 and the ADB to get masses of data sent to Azure.   

In related news, Cohesity also this week announced Azure Data Box support.  You can read our story here. B&F