Quantum improves private-public cloud data integration

Quantum is making it easier to move backup, file, and object data between its private cloud infrastructure products and the public clouds.

The data management supplier has added facilities to its DXi backup appliance, FlexSync replication, and ActiveScale object store to move unstructured data to and from public and private clouds for tiering, retention, and integrated public-private cloud workflows.

Brian Pawlowski, Quantum
Brian Pawlowski

Quantum chief development officer Brian Pawlowski said: “Our strategic vision is to deliver the best end-to-end data platform from on-premises to any cloud that empowers our customers to address their unstructured data needs across the entire data lifecycle.

“This isn’t about ‘public cloud versus private cloud’; it’s about giving customers choice and enabling them to create flexible, hybrid cloud workflows that are designed for their unique needs and goals, and these new features we are delivering make that easier for customers to achieve.” 

There are three product developments: DXi CloudShare, FlexSync 3, and ActiveScale Cold Replication.

DXi Cloud Share enables the deduplicating DXi backup appliances to tier compressed and deduplicated backup data sets to both public clouds and on-premises (private cloud) ActiveScale object stores. This enables offsite protection against ransomware and long-term retention of backup data for regulatory and in-house data compliance. 

FlexSync 3 replicates files to and from StorNext environments, and can now move data to public clouds and ActiveScale systems with Quantum Myriad systems being a future replication source and target. The FlexSync product can used to integrate on-premises and public cloud workflows across geographies with a shared, centralized object repository.

Quantum says FlexSync enables users to synchronize files to and from an S3 bucket on a public or a private cloud storage destination, including ActiveScale. File data is written as objects into the cloud bucket and file system metadata is also written to the bucket in a format that can be used with a remote FlexSync instance.

Quantum says “simple cloud disaster recovery (DR) protection is one of the obvious uses for FlexSync’s new object capability. Recurring replication may be scheduled at intervals as short as one minute, providing near real-time protection from site disaster.”

The cloud bucket becomes a transit point for files to move between StorNext file systems and serves as a centralized content repository for otherwise disconnected sites.

The ActiveScale architecture consolidates NVMe, hard drives, and tape resources into a single namespace that scales to billions of objects and exabytes of capacity. It supports the S3 Glacier Storage Class as its primary interface. ActiveScale Cold Replication moves data on from one ActiveSale store to other ActiveScale systems, and to AWS’s S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval and Glacier Deep Archive services. Quantum says it is “the industry’s first and only immutable object replication between cold data services” for massive data sets whose useful life spans from years to decades.” ActiveScale Cold Replication enables “the most durable, cost-effective multi-copy solution for long-term retention.”

Timothy Sherbak, Enterprise Products and Solutions Marketing at Quantum, writes: “We created ActiveScale Cold Storage (ASCS) so that customers and managed service providers could achieve cloud storage economics in their own facilities using a simple scale-out, multi-tiered storage architecture and service-oriented approach like that of hyperscale public cloud providers.”

For example: “A local in-house ASCS system at your data center or colocation facility acts as your primary data source. To protect against site failure and increase durability, the ASCS system employs AWS Glacier or Deep Glacier as its replication partner.”

ActiveScale Cold Replication and FlexSync 3 are available immediately. DXi Cloud Share is planned for release in this year’s fourth calendar quarter. FlexSync 3 for Myriad, Quantum’s unified and scaleout file and object storage software, is planned for release next year. 

There’s more information on DXI Cloud Share here, FlexSync 3 here, and ActiveScale Cold Replication here. You can find an ActiveScale Cold Storage datasheet here.