OVH, IBM promoting Cold Archive in France

French public cloud supplier OVH is setting up an Amazon Glacier-type service in France, working with IBM tape systems.

OVH is promoting a December 6 event on LinkedIn  in conjunction with distributor TD Synnex dedicated to the launch of the new OVHcloud offer for cold data storage, “Cold Archive”. The Cold Archive service will be hosted and operated by OVHcloud 100 percent in metropolitan France, thus being able to satisfy European data sovereignty requirements.

France-based data migrator and manager Atempo is also involved, with its Miria software suite including analytics, migration, backup, archiving and synchronization modules. Atempo’s Tina (Time Navigator) product is resold by Quantum and provides on-premises and SaaS backup/restore of physical and virtual server systems, apps including 365, and file data.

Cold Archive will use the Miria suite and IBM 3592 tape technology, not LTO tapes.

OVH Cold Archive diagram
OVH Cold Archive diagram

The OVH Glacier-type service first came to light in January last year. IBM’s Gen 6 TS1160 tape format (3592-60F) was slated for use with its 20TB/tape cartridge raw capacity, 60TB compressed, and maximum uncompressed speed of 400MB/sec. The tapes are used in IBM’s TS3500 and TS4500 tape libraries.

OVH Cold Archive is currently in a free beta test phase. It is based on S3, with an S3 API set to archive, restore, delete and manage the data, plus an S3 endpoint to create a bucket and upload data to it. Once archived, data and metadata can not be changed. 

The service infrastructure is redundant and resilient, with data being erasure coded and replicated to four data centers that are at least 100km apart. Cold Archive is able to withstand the loss of one datacenter and the simultaneous loss of a tape in a second datacenter.

Once generally available, we understand the price will be €1.2/TB/month ($1.24/TB/month) to store the data and the retrieval price will be significantly less than AWS. Amazon Glacier’s basic storage cost is $0.004/GB/month, meaning $4/TB/month, giving OVH a substantial price advantage.

The Cold Archive launch event will take place at the Atelier du France in Paris.