Storage news roundup

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The SNIA has set up a Blockchain Storage Committee  to address the needs of the technical community’s desire to engage in alliance-building and marketplace-driven activities, whereby all interested parties can participate without concern for Intellectual Property boundaries. The committee will be publishing a Blockchain Concept white paper, creating SNIA alliance agreements for cross-industry collaboration, and developing plans for a one-day Blockchain Technology Summit in Q2 2023. BSC membership is open to all SNIA members.

At SC22 in Dallas Astera Labs will showcase the Leo Smart Memory Controller on real CXL silicon running real workloads and performance benchmarks on customer platforms.

Data protector Acronis has promoted Katya Ivanova to the Chief Sales Officer position from a four-month stint as SVP Sales Operations and Inside Sales, following a 3.5 year period as VP Inside Sales.

Katya Ivanova

An open-source AWS S3 Secrets Scanner is available in GitHub. It is a Lambda function to scan objects uploaded/modified in S3 buckets for secrets. Objects are scanned as they are uploaded, in near real-time against a set of secrets definitions, driven by regular expression pattern matching. It excludes objects larger than a certain size and certain object paths, both configurable.

Object storage supplier Cloudian has integrated of its HyperStore object storage with Teradata Vantage’s on-premises deployment variants; the IntelliFlex and VMware Editions. This provides a public cloud-like data lakehouse system for supporting analytics workloads in on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. Teradata customers can now take advantage of HyperStore’s native S3 compatibility, exabyte-level scalability and military-grade security to analyze large volumes of data more easily and cost effectively. More info here.

Meet Decodable. It is a stream processing platform providing a simple way to move data from sources to analytics environments with real-time speed, transformed to match the needs of its destination. It’s a fully managed, -aaS offering with pre-built connectors to popular databases and uses SQL so ordinary data scientists can use it. Decodable is Series-A backed by Venrock and Bain, and has a product in production with users. The product features Change Data Capture, capturing changes made to data in a database and then delivering those change records in real time to a downstream analytics process, autonomously. Decodable provides a service, based on open-source Debezium, for CDC processing. Users can connect to source databases and process CDC records in real-time without managing the underlying infrastructure.

Dell has updated its Dell Integrated System for Azure Stack HCI offering to include single node configurations, support of Nvidia A2 or A30 GPUs, and deeper integration with Microsoft Azure Arc for better security. It also supports the latest release of Microsoft Azure Stack HCI.


Meet DoubleCloud, an analytics platform that helps to store, analyse and transfer data. It helps any business build an end-to-end data stack with sub-second data analytics and fully managed open-source technologies, like ClickHouse and Apache Kafka in less than five minutes. ClickHouse offers performance it claims is 100 to 1,000X faster than traditional DBMS. DoubleCloud aggregates, stores, transfers and visualizes data. Users can ingest data from external sources (eg, Facebook or Google ad platforms), and a free BI tool helps to create dashboards in just one click. DoubleCloud is used all over the world, from the USA to Germany and France. It has a global team of over 50 employees, who work across the UK, France, Israel and USA.

Equalum, a provider of data integration and ingestion software, announced its CDC (Change Data Capture) Connect Partner Program. This OEM/integration program is open to batch-oriented data
integration vendors, application integration companies, and others requiring a more flexible, high-performance CDC technology to identify and track downstream data. Partners have the opportunity to strengthen their competitive advantage by deploying high-throughput, low-latency CDC without the need for code modifications in source applications.

Decentralized compute and storage provide Flux announced the launch of Jetpack 2.0, a system update that enables easier and cheaper deployment of decentralized applications (Dapps) onto the Flux decentralized cloud. Jetpack 2.0 brings an improved Dapp registration and management process as well as direct fiat (government-issued currency) payment and settlement services, and Flux Drive. This allows for data to be retained beyond the life of individual containers through the recently released Flux Interplanetary File System (Flux IPFS). By integrating fiat payment ramps, businesses using Flux don’t need to speculate on crypto prices. Users do not need a proficiency in blockchain to operate within the Web3 space.

Gigabyte Technology announced a PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 format SSD using TLC NAND; the AORUS Gen 4 5000E in two capacities of 500GB and 1000GB, with 5000 MBps read speed and 30 percent lower overall power consumption compared to previous generation PCIe 4.0 SSDs. It uses host memory buffer technology, supports TRIM and SMART functions, and will be available soon. More info here.

The University of North Texas System has selected Hammerspace running with Pure Storage Flashblade to provide its file storage environment. When the UNT System’s growing general file and overall data storage needs outgrew the capacity of the existing Isilon NAS storage, it decided to migrate to FlashBlade but didn’t have the resources for a long migration and couldn’t afford any downtime. The UNT selected Hammerspace to provide the data interface layer which enabled, no downtime, fast data-in-place assimilation to make the migration to new technology simple. In the future, the UNT System plans to use Hammerspace software to help provide seamless data access across its data centers and cloud providers.

IBM Spectrum Fusion is a container-native hybrid cloud data platform for Kubernetes applications on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. It is designed to meet the data services requirements of modern, stateful Kubernetes applications. New capabilities in Fusion version 2.3 include Metro Synchronous Disaster Recovery, Enhanced storage efficiency and resiliency, Data exploration with Spectrum Discover, and more. Read a technical presentation here.

InfluxData, creator of the time series platform InfluxDB, announced product enhancements at InfluxDays 2022, its annual developer and community event. New features, including InfluxDB Script Editor, Telegraf Custom Builder, and Flux 1.0, support developers working with time series data, allowing them to do more with less code. 

Lenovo’s Q3 2022 earnings report showed a significant PC sales decline but ISG (Infrastructure  Solutions Group) revenues were up 33 percent Y/Y to $2.61 billion. Within ISG Lenovo reported storage revenues up 115% Y/Y, and Edge revenues quadrupled. Storage revenue growth was driven by buoyant demand from Cloud Service Provider (CSP) customers. Profitability of the CSP segment continued to improve on greater efficiency and better product mix. Lenovo OEMs NetApp storage systems and resells IBM tape drives and libraries.

Momento emerged from stealth with its Serverless Cache, the first instantly elastic, highly available cache that can serve millions of transactions per second. Momento is already being used by CBS, NTT Docomo and Wyze Labs. Momento’s CEO Khawaja Shams led Amazon DynamoDB, and together with his co-founder, Daniela Miao, scaled it to become a large fully managed database services. Momento’s Serverless Cache lets developers add a cache to their modern cloud stacks with 5 lines of code, and a cache is ready in under a second via a single API call. It automatically manages hot-keys, maintains high cache hit rates, keeps tail latencies low and provides instantly scalable capacity. 

Momento has received $15 million in seed funding led by Bain Capital Ventures and with participation from The General Partnership and angels Marianna Tessel (CTO at Intuit), Neha Narkhede (co-founder and former CTO at Confluent), Tom Killalea (first CISO at Amazon), Don MacAskill (CEO of Flickr/Smugmug) and John Lilly (former CEO of Mozilla). Momento plans to use the funding to expand its engineering team, to build a full cycle GTM team, to expand the Momento platform and to add support for additional clouds. 

Data protector NAKIVO released version 10.7.2 of NAKIVO Backup & Replication, its enterprise backup and disaster recovery offering, so becoming one of the first data protection vendors to provide compatibility with VMware vSphere 8 IA.  VMware announced the initial availability (IA) of vSphere 8, the latest version of the leading virtualisation platform, in October. NAKIVO grew its revenue by 24 percent worldwide in Q3 2022 over Q3 2021. Of the total revenue, 43 percent came from the EMEA region, 37percent from the Americas, and 20% from the Asia-Pacific region. The countries delivering the highest revenue growth in Q3 2022 were Canada, Belgium, and Turkey. 

NetApp has opened new international headquarters in Cork, Ireland, which is expected to create 500 jobs by 2025 to support NetApp’s international commercial, sales, and technology operations. It has already hired over 100 employees in Cork and will recruit a further 200 more staff by the end of June 2023, to reach 500 employees by 2025. The available positions range from early career to senior level, spanning engineering and technology roles to finance, sales, recruitment, and product management, including multilingual roles.

Parsec Labs has a Free Discovery Tool that can scan tens of thousands of files per second and build a detailed report on the total number of files, total number of directories, number of files in directories, average file size, the median file size, as well as the total size of all mounts in a network filer. This tool will export reports in json, xml, csv, and html. Other license packs offered by Parsec Labs include Fail-Safe Data Protection (S3 mobility + full restore for enterprise filers), S3 Mobility (includes file to cloud, cloud to file, cloud to cloud replication, and validated migrations to S3), Enterprise Data Mobility (includes validated migration, fast copy, replication, and third party data verification), Parsec Complete (total data independence), and Insight to Data (Consolidated view of one or more filers. Total data, age of data, type of data). License packs are delivered to virtual or physical appliances.

Protocol Labs, the open-source R&D lab, announced the launch of Filecoin Saturn, a data delivery network that will help scale the Filecoin network and make it more accessible to the general public. The Filecoin network has more than 18.9 exabytes of available storage. Up until now, the only way to contribute to the Filecoin network has been to become a Storage Provider (SP) which can be expensive. The release of Filecoin Saturn now means that anyone will be able to download Saturn’s open source software, run it on their server, contribute bandwidth to the network, and earn Filecoin. Saturn is a Web3 Content Delivery Network (CDN) in Filecoin’s retrieval market.

The US government held a second International Counter Ransomware (CRI) Summit with 36 nations, the EU and many private sector businesses attending. The attendees said they would take joint steps to stop ransomware actors from being able to use the cryptocurrency ecosystem to garner payment. This will include sharing information about cryptocurrency “wallets” used for laundering extorted funds and the development and implementation of the international anti-money laundering/combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT)standards for cryptocurrency and related service providers, including “know your customer” rules to mitigate their misuse by cyber criminals.

Electronic components supplier TDK announced second quarter fy2023 results on Nov 1, saying HDD read/write head sales decreased due to a substantial decline in demand related to PCs and tablets on top of slowing demand related to data centers. Its Magnetic Applications business segment saw sales down 10.7% Y/Y to ¥54.7 million as a result. TDK aims to expand its sales of MAMR heads and continue developing HAMR heads as a MAMR follow-on.

TDK graphic.

Touchdown PR which has many storage company clients, has been acquired by RuderFinn, after discussions with several prospective buyers. It will operate as a RuderFinn business unit with CEO James Carter and the existing staff staying in place.

Veeam‘s Cloud Protection Trends Report for 2023 covers four “as a Service” scenarios: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (BaaS/DRaaS). It found – unsurprisingly – that companies are recognizing the increasing need to protect their SaaS environments. Get a copy of the report here.

Jeffrey Giannetti.

Scale-out paralel filesystem supplier WekaIO has appointed Jeffrey Giannetti as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), reporting to President Jonathsan Martin. He comes from being CRO at Deep Instinct and was a Veeam SVP back in 2017-2018 as well as a stint at Cleversafe. Andrew Perry was WekaIO’s Global VP of Sales up until May this year. His fate is unknown. Giannetti said: “It’s an honor to join the company at this critical point in its trajectory to help build an elite global salesforce that will take this rocket ship to new heights.”

Managed compute and storage supplier Zadara is partnering  internet infrastructure service company KINX to provide its zStorage, storage-as-a-service, to the Korean market through KINX’s CloudHub. CloudHub is the largest cloud platform in Korea, connecting nine of the leading cloud service providers., and configured as a private network. Zadara zStorage will support storage services for KINX’s multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. It upports any data type, block, file, object, on any protocol, on-premises, across clouds or in a hybrid environment.

Vector database supplier Zilliz says its Zilliz Cloud is generally available and ready for enterprise production workloads. The fully-managed service makes it easy for companies to deploy and run their image retrieval, video analysis, recommendation engines, targeted ads, customized search, smart chatbots, fraud detection, network security, new drug discovery, and many other AI applications at scale.

The Zilliz Cloud is based on Milvus, the world’s first purpose-built database to store, index, search, and analyze high-dimensional, dense embedding vectors which represent the semantics of unstructured data. Milvus is the fastest growing open-source project in AI data infrastructure, with 14,000 GitHub stars, over two million downloads and installations, and a community of thousands of enterprise users globally, including eBay, Shopee, SmartNews, Line, Kuaishou, Nvidia, Baidu, and Tencent.