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Concerning the mistaken belief that key value databases chew up SSDs

Blog: There is a misguided notion that key value databases are unfriendly to SSDs. That's because unattended compaction layers on SSDs can shorten the SSD’s life.

How key value databases shorten the lifespan of SSDs

Explainer Organising a key value database for fast reads and writes can lower an SSD's working life. This is how. Key value database

OpenIO ‘solves’ the problem with object storage hyperscalability

OpenIO, a French startup, is claimed the speed record for serving object data - blasting past one terabits-per-second to match high end SAN array performance.

Your occasional storage digest, including Cohesity, SIOS and SAP

Cohesity grows nicely, SAP heads for the cloud and SIOS can save SAP in the cloud from disaster. Read on. Cohesity has cracking fy...

Hitachi Vantara: our VSP 5000 is the world’s fastest storage array

Hitachi Vantara has beefed up its high-end storage line-up with the VSP 5000 series, which it claims is the world's fastest enterprise array. The...

Micron: HPC users should drop disk drives for ‘faster, more reliable’ QLC SSDs

QLC NAND memory is more reliable than HDDs and organisations that need storage for read-intensive applications should switch to these next generation SSDs. So says Micron.

Hyperscalers will save disk drive makers from death by SSD

Will SSDs kill the enterprise disk drive business? Hyperscalers will continue to use disks out to 2035, if Seagate's revenue forecasts are accurate, but enterprises will switch...

Your occasional storage digest, including Violin, Lenovo and more

It' s time to listen to some Violin practice and find out about Lenovo file tiering plus a host of news snippets from the storage industry. Read...

Ignore drive write messaging… SSDs are more reliable than HDDs, Period.

This blog mostly pertains to SSDs in server and storage arrays. All NAND relies on electrical charges in silicon. Writing data involves a Program...

Sayonara, Toshiba Memory… Konishiwa, KIOXIA

LogoWatch Today Toshiba Memory Holdings officially rebrands as KIOXIA and has unveiled the new logo.  It's... grey.