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What’s up with computational storage

Computational storage is an emerging trend that sees some data processing carried out at the storage layer, rather than moving the data into a computer’s main memory for processing...

Western Digital joins US freeze-out: Huawei with the hard drives

Western Digital has stopped supplying Huawei, one of its biggest customers, to comply with the US ban on American companies trading with the Chinese tech giant.

Oracle uses machine learning to boost Exadata X8 performance

Oracle has pushed out Exadata X8, the latest iteration of its engineered system optimised for the Oracle database. The launch marks the tenth anniversary...

Western Digital zones in to zettabyte storage

Western Digital wants to help cloud and hyperscale data centres store data more efficiently in the Zettabyte Era. In an initiative launched yesterday, the...

NGD ships 8TB M.2 SSD with in-situ data processing

NGD Systems has squeezed its computational storage platform into the miniature M.2 form factor, making it possible to embed in a wider variety of hardware.

Dell EMC updates VxBlock 1000, hints at NVMe-oF

Dell has updated its VxBlock 1000 converged infrastructure system, with the emphasis on pushing end-to-end NVMe over fabrics (NVMe-oF) infrastructure. Dell EMC introduced the...

Enterprise storage budgets soar like leaping dachshund

There are signs that the enterprise storage market may be cooling off as new figures show growth in spending slowing for both external storage and all-flash external storage.

Kaminario extends pay-as-you-go storage model to array hardware

Kaminario is taking the consumption-based software subscription model and extending this to hardware, offering customers the option to acquire storage arrays on a pay-as-you-go basis as well.

WekaIO touts record STAC-M3 benchmark performance

WekaIO is making yet another record-breaking performance claim, this time for the STAC-M3 analytics benchmarks. The STAC-M3 Antuco and Kanaga benchmark suites are regarded...

Eighty one million dollars follows the Yellowbrick Data road

Startup Yellowbrick Data has secured $81 million in Series C funding to help speed adoption of its high-performance data warehouse appliance. Yellowbrick came...