Hammerspace and the decentralized cloud

Hammerspace, which creates a virtual data environment across customer and public cloud IT sites, is expanding its business infrastructure with more execs and offices.

The company, founded by David Flynn of Primary Data and Fusion-IO fame, runs on the concept of a Global Data Environment (GDE) created by using metadata describing data created and stored at the edge, in multiple on-premises datacenters, and multiple public clouds and regions.

GDE metadata is shared between local and remote sites on a peer-to-peer basis. All GDE users see the same files in their file:folder structure with no need to have a full copy of the data at each site. The GDE is a lens through which users effectively see a single and consolidated copy of all their data.

A GDE data orchestration software layer uses policies and AI to manage, move, and protect data, irrespective of the underlying storage systems.

Hammerspace GDE

At a quarterly update briefing earlier this month, Chris Bowen, SVP for Global Sales, said Hammerspace has set up a channel program with distributors in North America (Climb Channel Solutions) and the EMA region (Spinnaker), and partners CDW, Presidio, SHI, and Insight. There are system integrator and MSP schemes as part of the overall channel program.

Bowen claimed Hammerspace was seeing rapid sales pipeline growth, suggesting there had been around an an eightfold rise from January 2021 to May 2022. In the last 90 days, he said, Hammerspace had recorded 35 sales deals involving AWS, 17 with Azure, six with Google Cloud, one with Oracle Cloud, and one with Wasabi, plus 18 involving other clouds and 18 being on-premises only. That’s 96 deals in total.

Hammerspace’s software can be obtained through the AWS, Azure, Google, and Seagate Lyve Cloud marketplaces, and there are field engagements with AWS, Azure, Seagate Lyve Cloud, and also cloud data warehouser Snowflake. In AWS customers can access a metered version of Hammerpace for complete self-service.

Media SFX company Jellyfish Pictures is a customer for cloud rendering projects and says Hammerspace use has enabled cost savings of up to $300,000 per project.

This software abstracts storage infrastructure so that users operate in a data-centric environment instead of an infrastructure-centric one. Data can be captured or created anywhere and used anywhere as well. With a dramatic rise in remote working, Hammerspace claims it sees many decentralized work-from-home people who need a decentralized cloud.