Snowflake builds partnerships for data ingestion, masking, and integrity

Cloud data warehouse supremo Snowflake is setting up partnerships with Hammerspace, Talend, and BiGID to broaden its ecosystem and spread its data ingesting and analysing tentacles further across the IT world.

The aim is to enable customers to be able to move file data into Snowflake (Hammerspace), check its accuracy and reliability (Talend), and ensure sensitive and private information is identified and protected (BigID).


This Israeli-based startup has developed a Data Access App for Snowflake to natively enforce data access and masking within Snowflake’s Data Cloud based on data discovery and policy controls inside BigID. 

Customers can discover, classify, and automate protection of sensitive and regulated data using Snowflake’s native security and governance policies. It can:

  • Automatically identify and classify sensitive PII, PHI, NPI, IP, and other hard to find sensitive and regulated data stored in Snowflake
  • Define access rules in BigID enforced by Snowflake for who gets access to the data
  • Dynamically mask sensitive data without a proxy
  • Automate and enforce policies in a unified metadata catalog
  • Define, apply, and enforce access policies based on role, sensitivity, and category
  • Reduce risk and address data privacy and protection regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, NIST, and others.
BigID dynamic masking in Snowflake.(Screenshot)

Jon Mayer, BigID’s VP for Business Development & Partnerships, said in a canned quote, “This gives regulated organisations and companies in geographies with data sovereignty, privacy and security obligations a more streamlined experience for managing data in Snowflake.”

Snowflake Head of Product Management — Security, Vikas Jain, said “The integration runs on autopilot, allowing customers to spend more time using the data and less time implementing data protection.”

A BigID blog has more information.


Hammerspace has joined the Snowflake Partner Network, and Tony Asaro, SVP of Business Development for Hammerspace, said “The combination of Snowflake and Hammerspace creates structure around unstructured data, providing greater control and utility than ever before. It’s a real game-changer.”

Hammerspace’s global file system replicates file data from any source, via NFS and SMB protocols, to be viewable, accessible, and sharable through the Snowflake Data Cloud. Customers can then include file data for any of Snowflake’s core workloads: data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data sharing, or data applications. Additionally, Hammerspace imports customisable file metadata so users can run queries based on file names, MIME types, attributes, labels, or keywords.

Hammerspace is promoting the concept of “storage-less storage”. It claims that its customers, by replicating file data into Snowflake, can reduce storage maintenance to near-zero. 

Snowflake customers deploying Hammerspace can simplify their hybrid cloud NAS storage experience and reduce the overall cost of their file data.

Tarik Dwiek, Director of Technology Alliances for Snowflake, issued a statement saying “Our customers increasingly want Snowflake to be the single source of truth for all of their data for governance, research, and analytics. While still in preview, the Hammerspace solution provides an intelligent, scalable, and easy way to get unstructured data into Snowflake that we believe will provide tremendous value for our customers.”


Talend, with 6500 customers, supplies a corporate Data Fabric product to provide data integration and governance with a trust score indicating a dataset’s reliability. The partnership with Snowflake means Talend’s data profiling algorithms can check the integrity, accuracy and reliability of data inside the Snowflake data warehouse. 

It can then generate a Talend Trust Score for Snowflake, using Snowflake’s Snowpark development environment and Java UDFs (User-Defined Functions). Snowflake customers will be able to run quality checks on entire data sets without the use of external applications or moving sample sets. 

Talend Snowflake diagram.

A statement from Rolf Heimes, Talend’s Global Head of Business Development, said “Data has become a black box that leaves us open to inefficiencies, missed opportunities, and even catastrophic failure. … Talend has developed Trust Score for Snowflake to give Snowflake users an easy way to keep their business safer and bring confidence to every decision.”

Snowflake and Talend say their partnership will make it easier for organisations to better address compliance rules and regulations as well. 

A Talend blog provides more information.