Tintri launches software-only VMstore and managed infrastructure service

DDN’s Tintri unit has unveiled a software-only rendition of its VMstore product and now offers VMstore through a managed infrastructure service framework.

Historically, Tintri’s VM-aware VMstore operated exclusively on its T7000 series hardware, using VMware storage abstractions for storage solutions. The separation of the VMstore software from Tintri’s hardware was announced as a Virtual Series project a year ago. Now the VMstore software, independent of the hardware, is termed the Tintri Cloud Engine (TCE), whereas the Tintri Cloud Platform (TCP) encompasses Tintri’s VMstore in a managed infrastructure capacity.

Phil Trickovic, Tintri SVP of Revenue, said: “The new Tintri Cloud Platform and Tintri Cloud Engine offerings are a testament to our commitment to providing customers with all of the tools they need to manage their infrastructure, no matter the size of their workloads or where they are on their hybrid cloud transformation journey.” 

Customers now have three avenues to access VMstore: provisioned on purchased Tintri hardware; consumed as managed infrastructure via TCP; or as software running in the public cloud through TCE.

TCE is containerized and runs on the AWS public cloud, serving as an AWS VM with EBS storage. Its primary purpose is to provide public cloud storage for on-premises Tintri workload-based snapshots, facilitating recovery from interruptions and ransomware incursions. TCE features real-time deduplication and compression, copy data management, and both real-time and predictive analytics.

TCP is marketed as a turnkey offering that promises “host-in-cloud and process-in-cloud capabilities.” Tintri says TCP’s potential uses include virtual datacenter (VDC), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). The VDC service is a private virtual resource pool, based on VMstore, with a self-service portal, unlimited internet traffic, and firewall protection. The resource pool consists of CPU, RAM, all-flash storage, and network delivered through an enterprise-grade managed cloud platform co-located in two carrier-neutral datacenters in the US – one in Reno, Nevada, and the other in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Tintri datacenter locations

TCP IaaS includes compute, network, storage, security, backup, recovery, and disaster recovery with the flexibility to scale as needed.

TCP DRaaS, tailored for customers using VMware on-site or within the TCP VDC, facilitates the replication of virtual workloads either from on-premises sources to TCP or between TCP regions. Additionally, users can integrate various applications directly into their VDC from a dedicated marketplace.

All of a customer’s VMstore systems can be managed from a single console with Tintri Global Center. 

TCP is available today for new and existing customers. TCE is available for new and existing Tintri VMstore T7000 customers running on AWS. There’s a TCE datasheet here and TCP-VDC, TCP-IaaS, and TCP-DRaaS datasheets here.