Tintri decouples VMstore software from hardware and embraces public cloud

DDN’s Tintri business unit is separating its VMware-focused VMstore software from its appliance storage hardware to deploy it on commodity X86 hardware on-premises and in the public cloud.

VMstore provides storage facilities to VMware virtual machines using VMware admin concepts and language, such as vVols instead of LUNs. The software is based on Tintri’s TxOS which currently runs on a set of T7000 VMstore appliances.

Tintri on Monday announced a new Virtual Series, built from this decoupled VMstore/TxOS software, that offers autonomous QoS, predictive analytics, and distributed data services layered in a virtual data workload management platform for hybrid cloud ecosystems.

Brock Mowry.

Brock Mowry, Tintri’s CTO, told us: “The Virtual Series is a software platform comprised of 10 features that will be rolled out over the next 15 months. Tintri has decoupled its TxOS software from the VMstore hardware platform which allows Tintri to deploy the same intelligent SATA and virtual machine management capabilities in public and private cloud infrastructures.”

Those 10 “neXt” features, as Tintri put it, are:

  • Tintri.io – Support, best practices, service recommendations, and Tintri professional services website
  • Backup to the Cloud – Snapshot-based with file index for faster file recovery
  • Replicate to the Cloud – Native Async Replication to safeguard on-premises workloads
  • Restore to the Cloud – Restore files, folders and full VMs up to10x faster than other enterprise backup offerings
  • Workload Migration – Move on-premises virtual workloads to the public cloud with data relocation tools
  • Centralized Cloud Management – Manage sites, VMstore systems and virtual workloads with Tintri Global Center management 
  • Ransomware Protection – Ransomware defense suite with virtual air-gap snapshot protection 
  • Data Security Services – Automated vulnerability scanning 
  • Tintri Kubernetes Services – Manage QoS data protection and cloning for containerized workloads on physical and virtual clusters
  • Tanzu Integration – Support for VMware Tanzu and other common Kubernetes distributions

Mowry said: “Because of VMstore’s unique ability to see and manage virtual workloads, these neXt features give users a complete view into their hybrid cloud needs. Both performance and data protection tie back to Tintri’s Analytics platform allowing users to design the infrastructure, both cloud and on-prem to best serve the organization’s entire application needs.”

Tintri T7000 appliance.

The analytics platform has “patented predictive analytics technology that has traditionally only been available within the VMstore hardware, but will now be a software solution that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Tintri Analytics further leverages and extends Tintri’s deep patented VM-Aware foundations.”

That’s because “Tintri’s Virtual Series platform will be able to show customers specifically how its workload performs on the existing Tintri T7000 Hardware and, in the future, on various cloud platforms.”

The cloud platforms haven’t yet been identified but we are thinking that means AWS and Azure, and hopefully GCP as well.

Mowry said: “Performance visibility and workload analytics have traditionally been performed with disconnected tools from cloud providers and provide a generic prospective of the workload. With the Tintri Virtual Series platform, users will be able to see how that workload is running and model its trends and needs within the Tintri Analytics suite all the way to the edge, including within Tanzu and Kubernetes environments. … regardless if it resides on-premises, in the cloud, or in a VM, container or in a physical array. ” Access to the data will be through Tintri’s Global Center management facility.

He told us: “Each of the 10 features in the Virtual Series will be productized, so businesses can choose to deploy any one or combination of them within their infrastructure.”

The 10 Virtual Series features will roll out over the next 15 months. Tintri Data Security Services and Tanzu Integration are both available today to existing VMstore customers.

Mowry said: “The initial feature releases will be focused on supporting data management in the form of data protection with the expanded deployment models. As the remaining eight features are deployed, the solution will move to supporting I/O for virtual and container workloads.” These “remaining eight features will be deployed between Q4 2022 and EOY 2023.”

Tintri will also launch several beta programs as Tintri rolls out its neXt generation platform. For new and existing customers interested in participating, email beta@tintri.com for more information.