Storage news ticker – May 4

Storage news
Storage news

Apricorn has announced the release of the USB 10Gbps Aegis NVX, the first Apricorn encrypted device to feature an NVMe SSD inside. The NVX’s high-speed read/write capabilities at 1,000MBps are said to be sought after in the fields of military intelligence, digital forensics, film making, and healthcare, where write speeds over 600MBps are critical. Initial capacity offerings are 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB, with a price range of $352-$754 MSRP. 

Couchbase has made its Capella Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. It has also launched its Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Starter Factory, which provides ISVs with enhanced support for database management, migration, and cloud infrastructure. The new program is for those looking to develop and monetize applications using Couchbase Capella on AWS. It combines technical workshops with proof of concepts, training certifications, best practices, and aligning System Integrators (SIs) that are part of the AWS partner network. Acting as a one-stop shop, it empowers organizations to become developer-friendly while offering a low total cost of ownership.

Dell has announced the availability of Dynamic AppsON, which is the combination of VxRail dynamic nodes and PowerStore that delivers simplicity, scalability and ease of management, with advanced storage capabilities and data management features. This pairing combines compute-only VxRail dynamic nodes with PowerStore in a tightly integrated solution that now extends Lifecycle Management to PowerStore via the VxRail HCI System Software to simplify operations. More info in a blog.

Dell PowerStore storage system

We heard about some layoffs at SaaS data protector Druva. Justin Augat, Drive’s SVP for portfolio management, said: “We started a new fiscal year (April 1) and did a minor reduction based on business priorities and individual performance. We are still hiring and growing strong as a business.”Mike Houghton was appointed SVP w-w Partners and Alliances on April 23.

The FCIA has a preview webcast on June 21 looking at 128Gbps Fibre Channel, “128GFC: A Preview of the New Fibre Channel Speed.” The latest generation of Fibre Channel (128GFC) has a rate of 112.2Gbps (PAM4) for a single lane variant. This speed is 5.6 percent faster than 100Gbps Ethernet single lane variants. Fibre Channel was able to increase the speed and still maintain two generations of backward compatibility. Previous generation SFP optical modules (32GFC and 64GFC) will be able to plug into the latest generation of Fibre Channel 128GFC products. 

128GFC products will support existing infrastructure of fiber cables for multi-mode variants and single mode variants. 128GFC is also able to support the previous reach of 100 meters of OM4 without sacrificing performance in link quality or increasing errors. 

Giga Computing, a subsidiary of Gigabyte and producer of servers, server motherboards, and workstations, has announced continued collaboration with Graid Technology, and the creation of Gigabyte R Series servers to overcome NVMe bottlenecks in storage applications. The Gigabyte R283-S92 server became the first server to support the SupremeRAID SR-1010 RAID card. In addition, all future Gigabyte R283 and R183 servers will incorporate this optimization and become servers with the highest compatibility for Graid Technology’s next-generation GPU-based RAID card.

HYCU has revealed a customer win – the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox are using HYCU Protégé DPaaS platform as part of their IT modernization efforts, starting with more cost-efficient and effective backup to Wasabi as part of their overall cloud migration work. It’s also going to be rolling out support for SaaS integrations for Atlassian and Okta as part of the recent R-Cloud introduction. The HYCU brand will be prominently displayed inside Fenway Park throughout the 2023 season.

Infinidat has been named a Customers’ Choice in the Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer”: Primary Storage for a fourth year, along with Huawei and Pure Storage. There are surprises in the chart, not least the relatively strong showing by Seagate (Exos SAN arrays), the presence of iXsystems and Synology, and the absence of Dell and IBM.

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Pure Storage has announced a partnership between Portworx and MongoDB, which includes a first-of-its-kind integration between Portworx Data Services (the industry’s first Database-Platform-as-a-Service) and MongoDB Enterprise Advanced. With this integration, Portworx Data Services offers a single pane of glass to deploy and manage MongoDB clusters in conjunction with the end customer’s technology stacks. Benefits – we’re told – include automated MongoDB lifecycle management, lower infrastructure costs and increased operational efficiency, and a single platform interface across hybrid environments.

Quantum’s recently released all-flash file and object storage software solution, Myriad, was recognized with three industry awards at the 2023 NAB Show: TV Tech Best of Show, TVBEurope Best of Show, and the NAB Product of the Year in the Cloud Computing and Storage Category.

Rockset reckons its product achieved up to 4x higher throughput and 2.5x lower latency than Elasticsearch for streaming data ingestion. It shares more in-depth results and details on the benchmark framework and configuration in a Rockset blog.  

Rockset performance

Satori has released its Universal Data Permissions Scanner (UDPS), a free open source tool that enables companies to understand which employees have access to what data, intended to reduce the risks associated with overprivileged or unauthorized users and streamlining compliance reporting. The answer to the question “who has access to what data?” is often unclear because of complex role hierarchies, different authorization models used for different technologies, and the variety of data that may be accessible across technologies and clouds. The sales pitch is that UDPS simplifies this complexity. Also, using the UDPS reduces the security risk from overprivileged users by ensuring that access controls are appropriately applied and revoked, we’re told.

When the US Department of Commerce imposed semiconductor restrictions on Chinese imports of equipment for processes of 18nm and below last October, SK hynix’s Wuxi fab was granted a one-year production license. TrendForce reports SK hynix had planned to transition its Wuxi fab’s mainstream process from 1Y nm to 1Z nm, decreasing the output of legacy processes. But because of limitations imposed by the US ban, it’s focusing on legacy DDR3 and DDR4 4Gb products. SK hynix’s long-term strategy involves shifting its capacity expansion back to South Korea, while the Wuxi fab caters to domestic demand in China and the legacy-process consumer DRAM market.

Synlogy has launched the SA3410 and SA3610 NAS, 12-bay rackmount devices built for enterprise applications with a focus on scalability and speed for business file serving, VM storage, and petabyte-scale backup applications. Key points include:

  • Expandable up to 1.7PB/96 drive bays with optional RX1222sas expansion units as deployment grows
  • CPUs are Intel Xeon D-1541 and Xeon D-1567, respectively
  • 2x10GbE built-in, upgradable to 25GbE or 40GbE
  • Dual PSUs to reduce single points of failure
  • Covered by Synology’s five-year limited warranty, including technical support and hardware replacement services
  • OOB management capable
  • Over 6,200/3,000 MB/s sequential read/write

Swissbit’s U.3 SSD N4200 offers two to five times faster constant write performance than standard datacenter SSDs while maintaining low latency and high endurance over its lifetime, the company has claimed. Where conventional SSDs lose performance, endurance, and response time over time, Swissbit takes a novel approach with the N4200. The unique firmware, OEM’d from Burlywood, enables the SSD to be optimized for specific application profiles and tuned according to the performance and endurance of a customer application’s actual workload, we’re told. The 2.5-inch N4200 SSD series is based on enterprise-grade 3D-TLC-NAND (eTLC), is backward compatible with U.2, and features a four-lane PCIe interface compliant with PCIe 4.0 for up to 8,000MBps bandwidth in both directions. The SSD is available with storage capacities of 7.68TB and 15.4TB.

Swissbit storage performance

We have a chart from Burlywood which helps identify the mainstream SSD suppliers in Swissbit’s chart above:

Burlywood storage performance