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Oracle predicts: BlueField-3 is coming

Nvidia’s BlueField-3 DPU is being added to the network stack in Oracle’s public cloud - OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) - to improve its application performance.

Storage news ticker – February 14

SSD controller firmware developer Burlywood has produced a white paper: "Why Your Concerns About Data Center SSDs are Justified." It claims: "The Burlywood consistently delivers higher...
Storage array

IBM, HPE fail to make the high-end array top 5

Analyst house DCIG has produced a list of the biggest market movers and shakers in the world of high-end arrays, yet it doesn't include IBM or HPE...

Fungible sold to Microsoft for $190 million, say multiple sources

DPU startup Fungible has been sold to Microsoft for $190 million despite raising more than $300 million in funding since its incorporation in 2015, according to multiple...

Web3 storage needs to ditch cryptocurrency

Analysis: Decentralized storage – the Web3 concept – will fail unless it deals with seven issues that are stopping its growth. Web3 storage or...

Storage news ticker – November 16

Taiwan-based Ambedded Technology has released the UniVirStor Flash Mars500 Ceph Storage Appliance: software-defined storage integrating Ceph, Ampere Altra Arm servers, and Ambedded’s Ceph management web UI. This...

Web3 bros form Decentralized Storage Alliance

Web3 cheerleaders Protocol Labs and the Filecoin Foundation have set up the Decentralized Storage Alliance (DSA) with AMD, Seagate, and EY as founding members.

Broadcom refreshes connectivity portfolio

Broadcom has updated its range of connectivity products from top-of-rack Ethernet switches down through storage NICs, video offload accelerators, and HBAs to HDD controller SoCs and PreAmps.

Pavilion Data – last NVMe over Fabrics flash array startup – has died

NVMe-over Fabrics storage array startup Pavilion Data has crashed. Update. Co-founder Sundar Kanthadai's epitaph LinkedIn post added. Jan 1, 2023. The...

Fungible shifts focus to SAN performance, power

DPU startup Fungible has rowed back from its data center composability ambitions, cancelling products to concentrate on its storage cluster technology using all-flash arrays controlled by its...