Cloudera SaaSifies CDP with data lakehouse service

Big data analytics supplier Cloudera has launched its Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) One, an all-in-one data lakehouse software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for self-service analytics and exploratory data science on any type of data. 

The data lakehouse concept was popularized by Databricks and Dremio. The idea is to combine any data – structured or unstructured – from virtually any source to support multiple analytic functions, including data warehouse and machine learning workloads. The concept is to enable analytics on ingested data without needing or before using any Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) procedures to load it into a data warehouse for analytics. Data warehouse suppliers such as Snowflake are adding data lake analytics capabilities.

Cloudera CTO Ram Venkatesh blogs: “CDP One enables companies to produce data products that offer data and analytics to more end users than ever before – it’s designed to enable both expert developers and low-code data analysts to get more value from their data.” 

The Cloudera service enables multiple analytic engines to deliver large-scale analytics on any data for ingestion, preparation, analysis, and prediction without the need for specialized operations. It is deployed on a private, single tenant cloud infrastructure managed by Cloudera. This follows news of Dremio’s data lakehouse with a faster SQL engine and new metastore a few months ago.

Cloudera CDP One

Cloudera says this is the first all-in-one data lakehouse SaaS offering, and that everyone from novice data practitioners to skilled developers get access to low-code tools, streaming data analytics, and ML to perform ad-hoc, highly customizable analysis across the full data lifecycle via one secure, centralized data platform.

CDP One provides:

  • Environment Monitoring & Optimization (Cost, SLAs, etc)
  • Compliance and Audit Management
  • End-to-end Integration between Cloud, On-premises and 3rd party apps
  • Environment Security Configuration & Operations
  • Cloud Configuration & Management Infrastructure Provisioning

CDP One’s launch follows Cloudera acquisitions of Datacoral and Cazena in June last year. Datacoral provides no-code connectors so customers can extract data from multiple data sources, orchestrate automated transformations using SQL, and set up end-to-end data pipelines from ingestion to transformation to publishing. Cazena’s instant cloud data lake SaaS platform includes end-to-end infrastructure and orchestration so customers get a fully managed, continuous operations model that delivers guaranteed security and performance 24/7.

Venkatesh said: “Rapidly onboarding new and interesting data and incorporating it into the analytics process is a critical part of helping an organization become data driven. Traditionally provisioning new data feeds and moving models into production environments can take weeks if not months.” Cloudera says CDP One speeds all this up so customers can get information from data faster.

Holy grail

Mike Feibus, principal analyst of market research firm FeibusTech, commented: “It’s inspiring to see what insights organizations can uncover from their data once the barriers are removed. Tearing down those barriers has been Cloudera’s mission since I’ve been following the industry. And now, finally, the self-service simplicity of CDP One is making those insights accessible for a whole new class of companies. Watch for services like CDP One to emerge as the Holy Grail of the data-driven era.”

CDP One appears to be using Talend data management and integration software. Talend’s Data Fabric platform can ingest different types of data from multiple sources into a data lake and provide API access to it. 

We’re told the launch of CDP One continues a long-standing and strategic relationship with Cloudera ISV partner Talend. Rolf Heimes, VP Global Channel & Alliances at Talend, is quoted in Cloudera’s announcement: “The huge volume of data spread across multiple cloud environments and on-premises locations makes it extremely difficult for businesses to ensure high-quality, well-governed data management processes.

“With the combination of Talend’s easy-to-use data management technologies with Cloudera’s powerful data and analytics service, we’re making it easier for our joint customers to use healthy data to drive business outcomes and accelerate their journey to the cloud.”

Private equity-owned business reshaping is going on here. We note that Snowflake has a partnership with Thoma Bravo-owned Talend. Coincidentally Cloudera is owned by private equity firms CDR and KKR who bought it for around $5.3 billion last June. 

We have asked Cloudera if and how Datacoral, Cazena, and Talend technology is used in CDP One and will update this story when we hear anything back.

Get a downloadable CDP One datasheet here.