HYCU offers protection freebie on AWS EC2

Three clouds
Three clouds

Backup-as-a-Service biz HYCU is offering a free-for-life tier of data protection on AWS, a rung below its paid-for tier and missing things like immutability.

You will still pay for AWS consumption used to protect the data, however.

The service is based on HYCU’s Protégé for AWS service. HYCU announced Protégé late last year as a cloud-native offering and began previewing it. It is a fully managed data protection service that provides 24/7 support, and includes monitoring of backup process outcome, with proactive alerting and ransomware protection. The service uses EBS snapshots which are application-consistent and have no impact on application performance.

HYCU told attendees at AWS Summit Anaheim 2022 about the free tier, which it will formally announce next week.

HYCU founder and CEO Simon Taylor said: “By releasing a free tier of HYCU Protégé for AWS, we have created the first cloud-native backup solution purpose-built for cloud and DevOps teams.”

In June, HYCU announced a free-for-life offering on AWS for 1TB of AWS data using Protégé. Now it has come up with another eye-catching offer, clearly wanting to grow its AWS data protection user base as fast as possible.

The AWS Data Protection Free for Life offer is for EC2 instances. It includes:

  • Automated backups with 1-click VM and file restore
  • Granular file restores
  • Daily notifications and alerts of backups
  • 24/7 live view of protection status
  • Recover from outages with cross-region recovery
  • Cross-regional disaster recovery
  • No credit card or billing rights required
  • No capacity or time limits
  • Community support

HYCU says customers only pay for the AWS consumption used to protect their data. The differences between HYCU’s free and paid-for AWS tiers are shown below:

HYCU Protégé for AWS

Note that backup immutability is in the paid-for service.

Protégé is a multi-cloud offering, supporting AWS, Azure, and the Google Cloud, as well as Nutanix and VMware environments.


HYCU is facing a lot of competition. Commvault protects EC2, EKS, AWS Outposts, VMware Cloud on AWS, RDS, DocumentDB, Redshift, DynamoDB, RDS on VMware, and Aurora. Find out more here.

Startup Clumio offers cloud-native AWS data protection services, and its portfolio includes ransomware protection and offerings for S3, DynamoDB, RDS, SQL Server on EC2, M365, and VMWare Cloud on AWS. Download a product overview here.

Druva also offers cloud-native AWS workload data protection, including EC2, RDS, and EKS with automated creation, retention, and deletion of EBS snapshots, RDS DB snapshots, and Amazon Machine Images (AMIs). It also supplies cross-regional disaster recovery. Get more information here.

With this depth and breadth of competition, it’s not surprising that HYCU is using eye-catching offers to get customers on board: land and expand will be its watchwords.

Find out more about HYCU Protégé for AWS here and get a datasheet here.