Voracious Snowflake partners again to get even more data into its hands and have AI apps analyse it

Yesterday cloud data warehouser Snowflake announced partnerships with BigID, Hammerspace and Talend for data integrity, file ingestion, and sensitive information masking. Today we have two more: C3 AI for enterprise AI app development that can operate on Snowflake-stored data, and Informatica for extra data loading and extract, transform and load (ETL) capabilities

Snowflake customers can use C3 AI app development facilities to run C3 AI-based analyses on their Snowflake-stored data, and that data mountain can be heaped even higher using Informatica ETL processes.


Snowflake customers will be provided with access to the C3 AI Suite and pre-built C3 AI applications for AI-based CRM, predictive maintenance, supply network optimisation, and fraud detection. These apply across a range of industries and enterprise AI use cases.

C3 AI software helps with Snowflake customer AI deployments by unifying Snowflake’s data, platform, and machine learning services through a model-driven, reusable, and extensible object system. It also has data virtualisation capabilities which obviate the need to replicate datasets.

The software includes pre-built, cross-industry object models with capabilities that include energy management, equipment and process reliability, inventory optimisation, and yield optimisation. There are such pre-built object models for industry verticals including manufacturing, financial services, oil and gas, utilities, telecommunications, and aerospace and defence.

C3 AI president and Chief Product Officer Houman Behzadi said “Ultimately, this partnership will create significant time and operational efficiencies for Snowflake’s customers and solidify Snowflake as the operational data platform of choice for enterprise AI applications.”

For more information on C3 AI and enterprise AI solutions, visit https://c3.ai/what-is-enterprise-ai/.


Informatica provides an Intelligent Data Management Cloud product which can function as an ETL data onramp into Snowflake and integrates natively with Snowflake’s Java-based User Defined Functions (UDF).

More specifically, it has a cloud-native mass ingestion service to rapidly load and synchronise data from applications into Snowflake via an enterprise-grade, easy-to-use, wizard-driven application synchronisation service. Source apps include SAP, Salesforce, NetSuite, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Workday, Marketo, ServiceNow and Google Analytics.

Customers can transform, cleanse and govern this application data, moving it into Snowflake without any hand-coding or having to assemble their own end-to-end process workflow from disparate systems.  

Tarik Dweik, Snowflake’s Head of Technology Alliances, said “With the enterprise-grade mass-ingestion capabilities and the new support for Snowflake’s Java UDFs that Informatica is bringing to the Snowflake Data Cloud, our customers will have the ability to load data from nearly anywhere.”

Snowflake customers can sign up via Snowflake Partner Connect to start with Informatica at no cost to process up to one billion rows of data per month.


Snowflake is moving at high speed to set up even broader data ingest facilities than it already has (Hammerspace, Informatika), and to provide its customers with more ways to validate the data’s integrity (Talend), mask out sensitive personal information (BigID), and develop AI-based analytical apps (C3 AI).

It aims, we think, to have so many hooks into — and partnerships with — enterprise data-handling suppliers that it will become easier to use Snowflake than not use it. Snowflake will become so deeply embedded in the grain of the enterprise that users will be at a disadvantage if they don’t become Snowflake customers. Where will Snowflake be in the enterprise data-handling space? Everywhere.