Cohesity fiscal quarter and year blowout — great work, Cohesians

Cohesity CEO Mohit Aron celebrated a standout quarter and fiscal year end in a tweet, but details are nowhere to be found. Cohesity’s PR people are keeping shtum.

Aron sent out a tweet about the quarter:

We read this and assumed it meant the fiscal fourth quarter and fiscal year revenues were nicely high, and that Cohesity had won some impressive new customers. It must have been a good quarter, because the third quarter was a record one. That meant a phone call to Cohesity’s marketing communications/PR person and a request to say more.

Answer came there none. There was nothing to say beyond what the CEO had tweeted. No details. No hints.

I mean come on, give me a break, talk about Fortune 500 customer take-up? Nope. Tell me about Cohesity’s growth rate? Can’t do that. Has your customer count increased? Can’t say. Has your head count risen? No comment. Is Cohesity profitable? We don’t reveal things like that. 

Will Cohesity put out a release? Maybe. Possibly. Probably. 

Given what Cohesity released about its third quarter in June, after the quarter ended in May, we do expect a detailed release in the next few weeks.

The “Cohesians” term is a nice touch, emphasising the company-as-team idea. Cloudera has Clouderans. Commvault has CommVaulters. Google has Googlers. Nebulon has Nebunerds. Pure Storage has Puritans. VAST Data has Vastronauts. Veeam has Veeamers.

But the close-mouthed Cohesian I spoke to clammed up. And that’s what we have ended up writing about, because there’s this absolutely blow-out Cohesity quarter and we can’t say a single thing about it.

Note. Fortunately Snowflake does not have Snowflakes and nor does Amazon have Amazonians. Box does not employ Boxers — but Cloudian may well employ Cloudians.