WANdisco jumps on the Snowflake train – with Hadoop nailed to its back

WANdisco has announced a partnership with Snowflake Computing to migrate Hadoop data toSnowflake’s data cloud. The company said its LiveData Migrator replication software can start moving petabyte scale data in minutes after a single scan of the data source, with no engineering or consulting requirement.

Tarik Dwiek, Snowflake’s director of technology alliances, said: “Our partnership with WANdisco and its LiveData Migrator platform will enable our customers to reduce migration costs and accelerate time to value by automating the data migration process, while minimising the risk of business disruption during the migration.”

Dave Richards

Dave Richards, WANdisco CEO, said Snowflake is seeing “increased demand from enterprises seeking to migrate Hadoop workloads to Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Our partnership with Snowflake will give enterprises peace of mind with accelerated Hadoop data migrations to Snowflake’s platform that are fast and effortless.”

Snowflake Computing is a fast growing cloud data warehouse vendor. The company argues that the scalability afforded by cloud overcomes the capacity and compute limitations of on-premises data warehouse capacity. Hadoop is a way of analysing massive data sets by having many servers, each operating on a subset of the data. This approach is being superseded by analysis in the public cloud, with large numbers of compute instances operating on a single data set. This is the processing style that Snowflake espouses.

WANdisco yesterday announced a $45m fund raising exercise to help extend AWS capabilities and pursue Google Compute Cloud opportunities. The UK-based company already replicates data to the Azure and AWS clouds.