WANdisco takes the replicant test to the multi-cloud

WANdisco this week made LiveData for MultiCloud available for public consumption.

The idea is simple, namely to store one replicated copy of data in multiple clouds so that you have an alternative ready and waiting if one cloud copy goes down.

LiveData for MultiCloud can span regions in AWS, Azure or a mix of on-premises and cloud S3-compatible storage services. These include most cloud and on-premises object storage systems, including Amazon S3, AWS Snowball, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Box, Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service, Oracle Cloud Object Storage, Scality Zenko Cloud Server, and many others. 

The software uses WanDisco’s own Distributed Coordination Engine (DConE) blockchain technology to ensure each replication copy is consistent.

DConE enables active-active replication data without single points of failure or scalability bottlenecks. It uses Paxos-based consensus technology as a component to produce an agreed status among several computing systems in different networks. (Find out more about Paxos in this PDF document.)

WANDisco claims its LiveData for MultiCloud product is the only one that can continuously replicate at petabyte scale data with zero loss or downtime across multiple cloud environments.