Trilio covers more K8s variants and controls with enhanced console

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Trilio has introduced a management console and extended coverage for its Kubernetes data protection service.

With TrilioVault for Kubernetes 2.0, the company aims to provide an all-in-one SaaS, covering all the distributions and public clouds with a central facility that discovers K8s-built apps and applies protection policies. The management console means fewer command line and scripting operations.

The idea is to keep up with expanding enterprise deployments of applications built from Kubernetes-orchestrated containers. These deployments are taking multiple K8s distributions and clusters in multiple locations on board, as well as using on-premises and various public clouds for application deployment.

Murali Balcha, Trilio founder and CTO, said in a statement: “The cloud and cloud-native applications are presenting new data management challenges around scale, performance and mobility that legacy backup products simply cannot support.” 

TrilioVault for Kubernetes is now validated for Rancher Server with RKE (Rancher Kubernetes Engine), adding to existing Amazon EKS, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and Red Hat OpenShift certifications. Also, Trilio has certified Cassandra, Mongo and MySQL databases for app-consistent backups and restores. The software is available as a free trial or enterprise edition at, Red Hat Marketplace and with IBM’s Cloud Paks.

Trilio is a seven-year old startup, which bagged a single $5m A-series rund in 2017. Nevertheless, the cloud-native software company is classed as a leader in GigaOm’s Radar for Kubernetes Data Protection report, published last week. The company said it experienced 300 per cent revenue growth in the first half of 2020 as enterprise adoption of Kubernetes accelerated.