MayaData launches Kubera; a Kubernetes management service

Open source developer MayaData has announced Kubera; a product for the operational management of Kubernetes.

Kubernetes came into being at Google because managing the development, deployment and de-commissioning if containers was excessively complex for developers. Now MayaData has launched Kubera because managing Kubernetes has become too complex.

Murat Karslioglu, Head of Product at MayaData, issued a quote: “Kubera builds on our experience in supporting a community of thousands of OpenEBS users. Originally intended to be used only by our support – we quickly learned that our users could benefit from Kubera as well.”

He says individual users and enterprises of all sizes are finding that Kubera helps them to achieve cost savings and productivity gains when using Kubernetes.

Kubera is a service delivered from the cloud and its functionality includes;

  • Simplified configuration, management and monitoring of stateful workloads on Kubernetes, including Kafka, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, and other workloads
  • Simplified back-up of stateful workloads on Kubernetes, whether the workloads are stored in the CNCF open-source project OpenEBS or otherwise
  • Dynamic visualisations of an entire Kubernetes environment, with point and click controls for capabilities such as snapshotting and cloning of data and compliance checks and alerts
  • Automated lifecycle management of data layer components including a newly available Enterprise Edition of OpenEBS and underlying storage such as disks and cloud volumes.

MayaData CEO Evan Powell told us: “An analogy might be helpful.  Whereas our OpenEBS is often compared to vSAN from VMware – Kubera provides the analytics, visualization, controls and automation for efficient operations of OpenEBS on Kubernetes much like VMware’s vRealize Operations software provides similar capabilities to users of vSAN. 

You can read a blog about Kubera by Powell. 

Free individual Kubera plans are available as well as Team and Enterprise plans including support services from MayaData for the entire environment including the OpenEBS Enterprise Edition and related components. Kubera subscriptions start at $49 per user per month.