Storage news ticker – March 21

An AWS blog explains how you can use InfluxDB as a database engine in Amazon Timestream. This makes it easier to run near-real-time time-series applications using InfluxDB and open source APIs, including open source Telegraf agents that collect time-series observations.

PCIe retimer and CXL device startup Astera Labs set the pricing of its IPO of 19.8 million shares at $36 apiece – aiming to raise around $712.8 million, with gross proceeds expected to be around $604.4 million. That would give it a valuation of about $5.5 billion. The shares are expected to begin trading on Nasdaq Global Select Market under the the ticker symbol “ALAB” on March 20.

CloudCasa by Catalogic announced the newest version of its CloudCasa software. It adds new migration and replication workflows to simplify Kubernetes use cases such as migrating on-premises clusters to cloud, migrating cloud to cloud, replicating production environments for test/dev and disaster recovery, and migrating locally between various Kubernetes configurations. It has new cloud integration and manageability features, extending and improving the backup, restore, and disaster recover capabilities of CloudCasa, as well as its ability to centrally manage Velero installations in large and complex environments. 

IBM’s latest Storage Scale System exceeds 340GB/sec sequential read bandwidth and 160GB/sec write bandwidth with current code and firmware from just 4U of rack space. There are 16x 200GbitE links in total. Client nodes use RoCE and each has a 200GbitE link. Check out a LinkedIn post here.

An update to IBM Power VS (Virtual Server) provides DR and Backup-as-a-Service as well as SAP installation, cloud security and compliance, and automated migration for IBM AIX and i. Details in a blog. (IBM Power Virtual Server is a family of configurable multi-tenant virtual IBM Power servers with access to IBM Cloud services.)

Cloud backup supplier Keepit announced the results available to organizations leveraging Keepit SaaS data protection. It gives customers up to 90 percent faster targeted restore time following a ransomware attack. And it limits the impact of a ransomware attack for the composite organization the study has based its calculations on “by allowing it to recover and restore data quickly, preventing data loss and reducing downtime. This benefit is worth $819,100.”

MSP backup supplier N-able announced Cove’s “Master of Disaster Recovery” Class – a free online course aimed at supporting disaster preparedness for MSPs worldwide. The class leverages Cove’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) capabilities to impart essential knowledge and skills to the MSP community in the event of a data breach. The classes will be conducted via GoToWebinar every two weeks on an ongoing basis. Upcoming 2024 sessions include April 2. 

HCI and hybrid multi-cloud vendor Nutanix has released the findings of its sixth annual Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) survey and research report, which measures global enterprise progress with cloud adoption. The use of hybrid multi-cloud models is forecast to double over the next one to three years. Get more details here.

Veeam-focused object storage backup target supplier Object First is having its Ootbi products sold by Pedab in 11 Northern European countries.

German open source vector database startup Qdrant says its Rust-based database is being used by Elon Musk’s open release of the Grok AI model. There have been more than five million downloads of the Qdrant database.

The Turing Trust, the technology recycling and education charity founded by the family of Alan Turing, has received a donation of 100 hard drives from Seagate Technology. The hard drives will be installed in computers destined for Malawi to increase access to digital skills by students in primary and secondary schools across the country.

Ceph-based array manufacturer SoftIron announced VM Squared – a virtualization software as an alternative to VMware’s vSphere product suite. It installs in 30 minutes or less and there is a VM Squared migration tool that migrates an entire VMware vSphere estate quickly and easily. More details here.

Broadcom’s VMware unit has announced the GA of VMware Live Recovery, providing cyber and data resiliency for VMware Cloud Foundation environments. It combines enterprise-grade disaster recovery with purpose-built cyber recovery with a unified management experience across clouds. There are two underlying technologies: VMware Live Cyber Recovery (formerly VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery/Ransomware Recovery) and VMware Live Site Recovery (formerly VMware Site Recovery Manager). Check out a VMware web page to learn more.

Cloud storage provider Wasabi and Network-as-a-Service supplier Console Connect are collaborating to support seamless on-premises-to-cloud migration and cloud-to-cloud migration as well as instant multi-cloud provisioning.