LucidLink gains Cloudian back end

LucidLink, has combined its technology with Cloudian to provide a high performance object storage system for enterprises.

Customers can replace all but the most demanding HPC workloads in their existing NAS environment with a LucidLink-Cloudian system, the vendors said.

They say on-premises NAS systems can be limited in scale and are costly to buy and operate. Customers can swap this for the more cost-effective and scalable LucidLink Cloudian combination.

LucidLink Filespaces accelerates file access from public clouds to remotely stored files by managing file metadata and using file streaming. The software is layered above Amazon S3 object storage, which can be stored in a cloud service or on-premises.

Step forward Cloudian, with its S3-compatible HyperStore object storage software.

Cloudian’s HyperStore product would be the S3-compliant object store in this LucidLink diagram.

Out with the NAS

The two suppliers say data stored in the HyperStore platform is instantly available to any device that has a LucidLink client installed.

Users and applications use a LucidLink mount point to connect to the HyperStore’s global namespace and refer to it as a local, shared volume.

LucidLink also has a partnership with Scality, another object storage supplier.