Nutanix Karbon copies Kubernetes

Nutanix has built a simplified Kubernetes distribution – called Karbon – for its cloud-native stack.

The company said today its customers will be able to run virtual machine and container-based applications on-premises, with a cloud-like Kubernetes experience but without having to learn Kubernetes minutia. According to Nutanix, customers can deploy a Kubernetes cluster in a few minutes using Karbon.

Greg Muscarella, VP for products at Nutanix, provided a prepared quote: “Nutanix’s full cloud native stack will be able to provide a simple and quick way to deploy highly available Kubernetes clusters with the persistent storage, enterprise grade data services, object storage, and observability and monitoring that today’s enterprises need.”

Nutanix’ Enterprise Cloud Platform, Karbon, Buckets, Era and Xi Epoch


Karbon is one of five aspects of Nutanix’ Enterprise Cloud Platform:

  • Volumes & Files: persistent block and file storage can be added to Kubernetes through Nutanix’s Container Storage Interface (CSI).
  • Buckets: A software-defined, S3-compatible object storage scheme that scales from terabytes to petabytes of unstructured data. Buckets includes erasure coding, compression, and deduplication and are intended as central storage for all DevOps use-cases. There is a REST API. General availability is slated for summer 2019.
  • Xi Epoch: An observability and monitoring service for cloud native applications with end-to-end real-time visibility into distributed application architecture, supported by 250+ technology native integrations.
  • Era: A database administration tool with one-click database provisioning, lifecycle management and copy data management as its first services, Users can provision, clone, refresh, and backup their databases to any point in time in a few minutes.

Check out a three-page Karbon introduction here.