Dell adds StorMagic virtual SAN to reseller roster

Dell is to resell SvSAN, the virtual SAN and edge computing appliance software made by the UK company StorMagic.

Dell, of course, has its own VSAN virtual SAN technology but a number of customers already use StorMagic software in tandem with Dell servers. These include Schiphol airport, the University of Oxford, Maho Group and TDK Europe. Dell’s R440, R640 and R740 rack servers are commonly used by such customers.

One could think crudely of SvSAN as a VSAN-lite, as StorMagic positions it as “designed for large organisations with thousands of sites and companies running small data centers that require a highly available, two-server solution that is simple, cost-effective and flexible.”

According to StorMagic customers can save significantly on storage CapEx and OpEx at distributed sites. It said customers of any size can deploy a highly-available, hyperconverged infrastructure at the lowest cost solution price on the market by running SvSAN for the edge and small data centres with Dell servers.

SvSAN operates as a virtual storage appliance on two or more X86 servers. SvSAN supports vSphere and Hyper-V hypervisors and enables features such as high-availability/failover cluster, vMotion/live migration and VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)/Dynamic Optimisation.

SvSAN diagram

SvSAN is now available from Dell on its Software & Peripherals (S&P) price list.