Infinidat girds up loins for NVMe fabrics and storage-class memory

Infinidat’s performance-boosting software upgrade, announced this week, will help the company add NVMe fabric links and storage-class memory to iInfinibox arrays.

InfiniBox 4.0.40 adds SMB support, better protection with snapshot changes, and delivers 30 per cent IOPS improvement and 22 per cent throughput increase.

Latency is reduced by 50 per cent as a result of many small software, according to our sources. For example, the last remaining kernel module – for Infiniband – was transplanted into user space. Also the company has implement a more sophisticated dispatch algorithm was.

This work is part of Vision 50, an engineering project to reduce Infinibox average global latency in the field to under 50 microseconds.

In November 2018 we reported Infinidat’s goal to add NVMe over Fabrics networking. Blocks & Files understands this latest work prepares the way. Also the company is tapping into storage-class or persistent memory – in other words it will support Optane. This will accelerate access to Infinibox data faster than NVMe-oF on its own.