Infinidat boosts performance, adds SMB support

Infinidat, the enterprise high-end array provider, has added SMB filer support, boosted IOPS and throughput, and strengthened its snapshot capabilities.

New features in InfiniBox 4.0.40 software include:

  • Support for SMB protocols v2.1 through v3.1.1, to add Windows networked file support and integration with Windows ecosystems and data workflows
  • Improved InfiniSnap snapshots with immutable snapshots for volumes, filesystems and consistency groups
  • NFS self-service file recovery system called Snapshot Directory 
  • Performance boost with 30 per cent IOPS improvement, 22 per cent throughput increase and a reduction in latency

The update boosts InfiniBox F6000 arrays performance from one million-plus IOPs to 1.3 million IOPS and up to 15.2 GB/sec throughput. Infinidat says latency is typically less than 1 msec – at a customer event late last year the company showed latency under 50μs, as measured from the host.

The Immutable snapshot feature can protect data from malware and ransomware. 

With Snapshot Directory, end users can browse, select and recover files that have been inadvertently deleted or modified, without any admin assistance.

SMB protocol support is available initially on newly deployed InfiniBox models and will be generally available in the second quarter of 2019. Other features are available now as a no-charge and non-disruptive upgrade.