Who are the Blocks & Filers?

Most Blocks & Files readers live in the USA and half read content on cell phones.

Three months after the site formally opened an analysis of its readership shows 45 per cent used a desktop or notebook, 5 per cent a tablet, and 50 per cent a mobile device. That surprised us – and made us resolve to be more careful in showing diagrams with fine detail.

The geographical spread of our readers is;

  • 65.0 per cent USA
  • 13.3 per cent UK
  • 4.9 per cent Canada (c70 per cent North America)
  • 3.8 per cent India
  • 2.8 per cent Germany
  • 2.6 per cent Israel
  • 2.3 per cent Australia
  • 2.3 per cent Japan
  • 1.8 per cent Singapore
  • 1.6 per cent France
  • 1.9 per cent somewhere else

A pie chart shows North American dominance;

In the last thirty days 64 per cent of our readers were new and 36 per cent were existing ones.

The most popular articles in the last month have been;

Hot topics are filers in the cloud, 3D XPoint, SSDs vs disk drives, NVMe over Fabrics, Nutanix and IBM.

Thank you readers one and all. We’re most grateful.