Attention! Qumulo adds Atempo file migration data mover

Here’s something to move you; scale-out file storage supplier Qumulo has launched a data migration service.

Qumulo says file estate migration can be labour-intensive, and require software and hardware rarely used in daily business operations. It is better to use specific tools in a migration project and get the job done faster and better. That’s what the Data Migration (DMS) service is and does.

Atempo’s Miria data protection technology is used in the migration process. It was previously known as ADA (Atempo Digital Archive) and includes file data migration capabilities, which can migrate millions of files to an archive or from one NAS system to another. Enter Qumulo and its need to help customers migrate files from existing NAS products to the Qumulo one.

DMS includes project management, execution, Miria software and servers.

Qumulo manages the entire data migration process from planning, to execution and validation. DMS maintains all permissions, directory structures, and application integrations seamlessly after the data has been moved. 

Once the data set size, network capacity and existing storage system performance capabilities are documented, the migration can be scheduled to meet migration timeline requirements. User authentication, and all rights management policies remain in-place during the migration.

Application access to files continues unhindered throughout. Qumulo says the impact on the customer’s IT system is lowered through an adaptive read/write mechanism in the software which balances availability and throughput.

Herve Collard, VP of marketing at Atempo, gave out a canned quote; “Atempo’s Miria technology stack enables organisations to securely migrate large volumes of files while providing the best performance in moving data from legacy systems to Qumulo’s file storage, be this on-premises or in the cloud.”

Sounds good. Quite moving.