NVMe in the data centre. A right riveting read

Chris Evans, a IT storage consultant, has written a short, useful guide to implementing NVMe in the data centre.

Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) is the fastest storage drive interface, and geared to solid state drives and not disks.  Evans looks at NVMe drives and NVMe-over-Fabrics (NVMe-oF) networking. He describes NVMe technology and its roadmap, and outlines NVMe advantages.

Contents of the NVMe in the Data Centre guide

The guide also explores NVMe drive form factors, such as AIC, M.2, U.2., NF1 and the ruler format. And Evan explores various implementation alternatives for NVME-oF; Fibre Channel, Ethernet, InfiniBand and TCP.

 In the final section of this guide, the author examines products from 11 vendors.

The guide is available at no charge to subscribers to  Architecting IT or the Architecting IT blog. There is no subscription fee either. And we have no financial interest to declare.