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Destroying data forever – you can do it. We can help, says Paragon Software

It’s the opposite of data protection: data destruction. Paragon Software’s Disk Wiper will completely and irrevocably delete data from solid state or disk drives, laughing at GDPR and supporting...

Dell EMC spruces up storage array line for SMBs

Dell EMC’s new PowerVault ME4 Series are for small and medium businesses: installable in 15 minutes, configurable in 15 more, and usable as either SAN array or direct-attached PowerEdge...

It’s no yolk; Seagate lays some cracking 14TB disk drive eggs

Seagate has spread its 14TB, 7,200rpm helium-filled disk drive tech across the PC, NAS, enterprise capacity and surveillance market sectors. A few years ago the idea of having a PC...

Cock of the X86 systems walk, Dell is killing it

Dell has cemented its position as the world's biggest IT hardware vendor, chalking up significant gains in market share for Q2 and growing revenues 18 per cent on the year...
Antonio Neri, HPE CEO

Lacklustre HPE storage sales to rebound

Updated HPE storage products products and more sales heads should bring in the dollars and end the storage growth doldrums. Its third fiscal 2018 quarter results showed 4 per cent...

Tesla hires Seagate CFO

The surprise resignation of  Seagate CFO Dave Morton was due to a move to Tesla,  the electric car company has revealed. Seagate has been Morton's career home for 23 years. He...