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European server and storage sales through the channel plummet

Growing business caution has hit European server and storage sales, according to analysts, leaving the industry in negative growth territory. Analyst house Context has revised down its overall 2023 forecast...

Uber takes the fast lane with Alluxio

Uber is using Alluxio’s virtual distributed file system to speed its Hadoop-based analytics processing by caching hot read data. Alluxio has developed open source data store virtualization software, a virtual distributed...
AI everywhere

Dell Q2 revenues better than expected, sees AI everywhere

Dell reported revenues in the second quarter ended August 4 of $22.9 billion, 13 percent less than a year ago, with a net income of $455 million, 10 percent...

Infinidat data protection box bumps up restore speed with Veeam

Infinidat is claiming its data protection system can restore data at 28TB a second, yes, terabytes a second, which would far outpace competing systems. Update: ExaGrid points added. 4 Sep...

Pure Storage revenues bounce back in Q2

In spite of a revenue decline in the first quarter of fiscal 2024, Pure has bounced back with positive growth in its second quarter. Update. Dell storage decline corrected to...

NetApp revenue drops for yet another quarter

NetApp's financial performance for a third consecutive quarter reflected the challenging economic climate as the company reported revenues were lower than expected, despite surpassing estimates. In its first fiscal quarter...

Graid enhances RAID card speed with software update

Graid, the GPU-powered RAID card startup, says it has accelerated its RAID card speed following a software update. The company's SupremeRAID card utilizes on-board GPUs for RAID parity calculations and...

Kioxia has killed its Kumoscale networked flash system

Quietly and with no fanfare, Kioxia has killed its Kumoscale networked flash array or JBOF. The deed was done three months ago, in May, with a note for partners:...
Green computing

HDDs may be greener than SSDs

Research house Futurum has backed a recent research paper that suggests HDDs could be greener than SSDs. The paper states that the biggest carbon emissions happen at the...

Coughlin: SSDs will not kill disk drives

Coughlin Associates' recent forecast on disk, SSD, and tape shipments extending to 2028 suggests that the rise in SSD sales will have minimal impact on disk drive shipments, contrary...