Spectra Logic and Cohesity pair up to manage archived data

Spectra Logic and Cohesity are integrating their technology to deliver what they claim will be a “comprehensive” data protection and archival solution for enterprises.

The new offering uses the Cohesity Data Cloud platform, and Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl object-based disk and object-based tape products. Available now, it lets enterprises manage data across primary storage, cloud, and tape environments.

The combo supports physical air-gapped copies for cyber protection against ransomware and other emerging threats, scales “effortlessly” from terabytes to exabytes, said the partners, and retains data securely “from days to decades.”

It is dressed as an “affordable” alternative to other cloud- or disk-based solutions. Organizations can use Spectra Logic as an S3-compatible disk or object-based tape target, providing flexibility in their archival strategies.

“Our collaboration with Cohesity enables us to offer a solution that significantly enhances the scalability, security, and affordability of long-term data storage,” said David Feller, chief technology officer at Spectra Logic. “This integrated approach allows organizations to optimize their storage infrastructure, while ensuring robust data protection and compliance.”

Sunil Moolchandani, chief technology officer for worldwide field sales at Cohesity, added: “This integration offers our customers a powerful new tool for long-term data preservation. They can benefit from a solution combining flash, disk, cloud, and tape storage to meet their evolving data management needs.”

This April, Spectra Logic introduced a new Cube tape library, updated LumOS tape library management software, and a TFinity Plus version of its enterprise tape library. In May, it started offering its products as-a-service in partnership with Geyser Data.

Cohesity hired Craig Martell as its new CTO in May this year, with founder, ex-CEO, and chief strategy and technical officer Mohit Aron stepping back to a “founder emeritus” role. Cohesity announced its planned acquisition of Veritas’ data protection business this February.