Toshiba MG10D HDD boasts enhanced speed, efficiency

Toshiba has developed a low-end nearline disk drive suitable only for SATA and SAS connectivity with a lower total cost of ownership than the drive it replaces.

The current MG10F drive was introduced in September last year as a 1–22TB product range with 12Gbit/sec SAS and 6Gbit/sec SATA connectivity options for its 7,200rpm platters. The range uses conventional (perpendicular) magnetic recording (CMR) and was split into two parts, with the 12–16TB products using helium-filled enclosures and the 1–10TB variants using less expensive air-filled casing. The cache buffer varies between 128MiB (134MB) and 256MiB (268MB) for the 1–14TB models and is 512MiB (537MB) for the higher capacity variants.

Larry Martinez-Palomo, Toshiba
Larry Martinez-Palomo

The MG10D effectively replaces the 1–10TB MG10F products, being air an air-filled CMR drive with a 512MiB cache, giving it a speed advantage over the replaced MG10F HDDs. It provides an approximately 13 percent better maximum sustained transfer speed of 268MiB/sec (281MB/sec). The MG10D also reduces power consumption in active idle mode by approximately 21 percent to 5.74 W.

Larry Martinez-Palomo, VP and head of storage products at Toshiba, said: “The new cutting-edge design of the MG10-D Series is engineered for sustainable enterprise environments and fits seamlessly into existing infrastructure reducing TCO.”

The drive has only five platters instead of up to ten in the MG10F. Its MTBF (mean time before failure) rating is 2 million hours, whereas the replaced HDDs had a higher 2.5 million hour MTBF. The 550 TB/year workload rating though is unchanged, as are the sanitize instant erase (SIE) and self-encrypting drive (SED) options. The 1TB variant is a SATA-only product.

Toshiba MG10D with lid off
MG10D with lid off

The MG10D supports Advanced format 512e and 4Kn, and a 512n option is available on the 1, 2, and 4TB offerings to support legacy systems with native 512 byte block sizes. It is given a AFR (Annual Failure Rate) of 0.44 percent.

The MG10D will be available in the third 2024 quarter and can be used in email, data analytics, data retention, and surveillance applications. Check out Toshiba’s info about the MG10D here.