HYCU recognized as Leader in G2 Software Market report

HYCU says it’s an overall leader in the G2 Software Market data protection report grids, which are a variation on the classic Gartner Magic Quadrant four-box diagram.

The company says that G2 is “the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace.” It has recognized HYCU as a Leader in its Summer 2024 Reports for SaaS Backup, File Recovery, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Server Backup, and Database Backup. We took a look and found a goldmine of customer product review information curated into product sub-groups and business size categories. Imagine a cross between Gartner peer reviews and the Magic Quadrant, and you get the picture.

Simon Taylor, HYCU founder and CEO, said: “We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service and satisfaction. With a consistent [net promoter score] of more than 90 over the past four years, to be recognized by G2 and our customers in so many reports  and categories is an outstanding achievement.”

Simon Taylor, HYCU
Simon Taylor

The global product reports are “based on direct, customer feedback, as part of their review process,” according to HYCU. G2’s Grid and Index Reports are based on ratings by business professionals, and HYCU received ten or more reviews and five responses for each of the relationship-related questions to qualify for inclusion in the Results Index.

Sara Rossio, chief product officer at G2, said: “While there are over 150,000 different software products and services featured on G2, only the highest ranked are recognized each quarter according to their category, company size, geography, and report type. These reports serve as valuable, tailored lists for buyers conducting research in their purchasing journey.”

G2 provides a take on the Gartner Magic Quadrant called Grids. These online diagrams locate product suppliers in a 2D space defined by a Satisfaction rating horizontal axis, based on customer satisfaction data, and a Market Presence vertical axis. This is based on more than 15 data points from G2’s reviews plus publicly available information – online sources and social networks – and third-party sources. Both axes run from low to high and each is divided into halves so that four boxes are created.

These are:

  • Niche – lower satisfaction, lower market presence
  • High Performer – higher satisfaction and lower market presence
  • Contenders – lower satisfaction and higher market presence
  • Leaders – higher satisfaction and higher market presence

In each product category there is an overall grid plus individual ones for small business, the mid-market, and enterprise organizations. G2 says you can use the Grid “to compare products, streamline the buying process, and quickly identify the best products based on the experiences of your peers.”

We took a look at the current File Recovery Grid:

G2 Data Recovery Grid

There are a lot of product suppliers here, with 11 in the Leaders category. If you put your cursor on a supplier’s icon when viewing a G2 grid online, tthe supplier’s name and product pops up – useful for supplier logos you don’t recognize.

The top right Veeam Data Platform has the highest satisfaction and market presence. The second Veeam logo is for Veeam Backup for AWS. This is just for file recovery. HYCU states: “When all is said and done, HYCU was listed in more reports and earned accolades for high performing, ease of use, and most likely to recommend among other items.” 

The G2 website is a go-to resource for direct customer feedback on products, which it terms “authentic peer reviews”. It is nicely detailed and well worth checking out.